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Michael D. Furlong and a Private Army

Monday, March 15, 2010 at 07:43 AM EDT

While I have little if any problems with operations to defeat armed militants bent on destroying everything they can in an effort to gain control of a country, there might be a slight problem here. OK, problems.

According to the story from the New York Times, an off-the-books operation actually funneled money away from approved programs, and into using private military contractors as hit men within Pakistan. And while the article does not state whether the program was considered a success or not, the problem is that while private contractors are a fantastic way to avoid having the country take any responsibility for whatever they may be doing, my biggest problem was when I read this:

Excerpt from The New York Times 3/14/10


… Even in a region of the world known for intrigue, Mr. Furlong’s story stands out. At times, his operation featured a mysterious American company run by retired Special Operations officers and an iconic C.I.A. figure who had a role in some of the agency’s most famous episodes, including the Iran-Contra affair. (Emphasis added)

Link to story

Furlong is now in trouble, but what I want to know is how the heck are the same scumbags involved every time? Iran-Contra, Jebus that was decades ago.

In some News videos from Pakistan, whenever there is an explosion the people being interviewed wonder if it was the Americans, and I use to think they were crazy for thinking such things. Every step we take like this, we move closer to being the enemy that some of the world already thinks we are. And who knows, maybe we are already there.