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Orly Taitz Running for Office in California

Thursday, March 18, 2010 at 06:46 AM EDT

Shockingly, Orly is not running on an Independent ticket (Batshit Crazy Party), but wants to run as a Republican candidate. Naturally, she had to assault the person that was going to run for the GOP, saying he was ineligible. That seems to be a recurring theme with Dr. Tai(n)tz. Just imagine what fun in would be if Orly won, not a day would go by without her asking various people for their documents proving this or that.

Link to story regarding Orly running for Secretary of State

Well hopefully her campaign will proceed with a bit more luck then her lawsuits do, as the $20,000 fine against her was upheld on appeal.

Win some, lose some, and lets face it – she does not have a great deal left to lose. She has been moving about brain-dead for quite some time now, and that at least shows perseverance. Sure, she’s more crazy than a Karl Rove groupie, but you have to admire her tenacity, though I suppose that many completely crazy people are also tenacious.

If Orly does get on the ballot, it will not be difficult to defeat her, which is why I am hoping she makes it that far. Go Orly go!

I wonder what the qualifications are to run for Secretary of State. Sure, she might seem as though she is eligible to run, but what if it was all lies? You know what that means, an even CRAZIER person will have to sue Orly not merely to provide some documents, but ALL of her documents – otherwise, how will we know what she is hiding? But where would we ever find someone that nuts – I know, Orly has a secret twin! And the twin has even funnier wigs, or something like that.