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Rolf Potts Is a Travel God

Wednesday, April 06, 2011 at 07:31 AM EDT

Until this morning, we have never heard of Rolf Potts — but after reading a short CNN story about him, we have promoted him to Travel God.

Potts, 40, according to the CNN story is not a person who talks about traveling, he talks about traveling while he's traveling. The CNN piece discusses Potts theory about time-wealth — a commodity we have all heard about but Potts understands.

Really, he caught the cable news station's eye with a package of stories about how he recently took two months off to hang out in Brazil. Sure, he has a profession — travel writer — that allows him to do just that, but we all could have taken that route as well.

But Potts is no slouch. He has authored more than a couple of books, files lots of travel stories for various publications and also maintains a travel blog site called

According to a couple of different stories written about him, he lives on the cheap, travels smartly and works for a dozen hours or so every week, even when he's on the go. But we completely agree with his philosophy that living with less expenses doesn't mean living cheaply.

More to the point, Potts is not one of those traveling douchebags either. Something we abhor. He does what he likes because that's what he likes doing. We go to work. He rides horses on the beach in Nicaragua. We go to work. He takes stunning photos in Thailand.

He may not have millions of dollars, but then again, neither do we.

Check out some of his travel stories here.