Rabid Ragers of Republican Rot Now Lowering Sights?

Saturday, March 18, 2006 at 05:15 PM

One sure way to tell that something--a movement, a television show, a personality--is waning: it trades in any substance it had for  flash and/or flourish.  Speaking of which, have you noticed that the sights of  our favorite frothing Republicans seem to have been considerably lowered?

O'Reilly's now on his second case of "liberal judge" outrage over the sentence some poor judge in Ohio gave to a man convicted of molesting two boys.

Ann Coulter now has had two columns on the outrage of the Oscars (first on the nominations, then on the awards).

Sean Hannity is apparently threatening to sue a documentary moviemaker over footage of Hannity that "Sean of the dread" considers too uncomplimentary to him.  He's also irate about a poem written by a 7-year old black girl, which she read to an audience of middle- and high-schoolers.

Life's a bitch when (a) your career depends entirely on making your audience think that some crazy group of losers going by the name of "liberals" is making things hard for the good guys, who go by the name of "conservatives" or "Republicans" and, (b) the supposed good guys are so busy stealing, corrupting, and screwing up that even your conservative audience is ready to hang them from the nearest Wal-Mart or Starbucks sign.  So...nothing up my sleeve...that's right, look over here, right here, at my sleeve...no not over there at the war...no, no, not over there at the federal courtrooms where Jack and the Dukester are hanging out, and certainly not over there at the debt, or over there at the remains of New Orleans.

Say, did you hear the one about the gay cowboy movie where there's this liberal judge who sentences a sex offender to sue a 7-year old girl who wrote a poem about Sean Hannity?  IT'S AN OUTRAGE!!