Our Megalomaniacal White House

Saturday, April 08, 2006 at 06:37 AM

Yep, here we go, sports fans, the very thing we feared so bad, seems like The Town Drunk is doing acid now...

A nuclear strike on Iranian nuclear facilities.

Well, what do we say about that?

For starters, a warm hand of thanks to every idiot who voted for him: May the fallout mR's that contaminate the atmosphere infiltrate your sorry hide. May the increase in bloodshed and all-out hatred for America be yours to nestle next to, you earned it, sheepie.

Folks, it was bad enough when this alcoholic back-slider decided to take Iraq, that was shocking enough. America? Go on the offensive? What? Who's been hitting the doob this time, I told myself, and yet, it happened all the same, and look at the results.

And yet, a good friend of mine constantly sends me emails and articles from the various websites written by retired soldiers, all of them pros, not just gripers. Just about all of them are saying the same thing: An attack on Iran would backfire worse than anything imaginable.

  1. If we don't have friends now, we won't have any. I can already hear the outcry of just about every government, all their leaders gasping at America pulling off such a sickening stunt.

  2. Bush must want Al Qaeda to do some serious recruiting. Oh, baby, trust me, this will push recruitment into exponentials.

  3. Hey, Dumbass! What about the oil? Does he really think that many of the members of OPEC are going to take that laying down? A fellow member attacked like that? Kiss that Tahoe goodbye, and hello, long lines, even/odd days and well, time to get the old Schwinn out, eh?

  4. Another terrorist strike on America. Obviously, someone in DC doesn't comprehend the creedo of many of those of the Middle East: You hit me, I'm gonna fuck you up worse. It will happen then, yessiree Bob.

God, now I need a drink. Thanks, Shrub, you're making me an alky like you is!