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It’s the Campaign, Stupid!

Friday, July 17, 2009 at 11:09 AM EDT


There is much Republicans and Democrats disagree on when it comes to health care, energy legislation, immigration, etc, ad infinitum. But in the midst of the partisan-driven health care reform “debate”, a sliver of bipartisan agreement has arose.

Why are we doing this so quickly?

Moderate Senator Olympia Snowe came out today, wondering aloud why the Democrats are pushing this so hard and so quickly, while at the same time reminding people President Johnson and Congress spent a year and a half crafting the Medicare program. President Obama and the Dems have spent about six months at the most on health care reform.

On the Democrat side, Congressman Mike Ross, a Blue Dog, said he and fellow BD’s on the committee are prepared to block legislation if the leadership rams it through, instead of “doing it right”.

This is Obama’s strategy. He did it with the stimulus, and he will do it with health care. He has the majorities to ram something through, and then prepare for the fun part – announcing to the country how the stimulus will instantly create jobs! Remember that?

Obama is salivating at the opportunity to give his flowery “health care for all Americans” speech and be photographed with doctors, children, nurses, etc. behind him at the White House.

Obama lives for the photo-op. He lives for the campaign. He wants his “Mission Accomplished” moment. It’s the campaign, stupid!

The artificial deadline of passing comprehensive health care reform by August is another Obama-imposed partisan-driven decree to give him his photo-op. It reeks of a stubborn nature that Democrats constantly assailed Bush for having. Sticking to his guns no matter what the critics or cynics said. The problem for Republicans is that the Democrats essentially have the votes to give everyone else the finger and do it their way.

Perhaps, once again, more truth is coming out about the Democrats’ plans, and they need to pass it before more light is shed on it.

“On the contrary…the legislation significantly expands the federal responsibility for health care costs.”

- Congressional Budget Office, Douglas Elmendorf

This is the Obama-era, folks. While our president resides in the White House, his heart is still on the campaign trail. Thoughtful policy be damned.