Broadband on Wheels

Wednesday, November 04, 2009 at 11:05 AM

Wireless broadband has become a common, useful tool for many people. Toyota has recognized this by introducing a 2010 Prius outfitted with wireless built-in broadband connection. It's like having a smart phone on wheels.

Through broadband Internet the kids can entertain themselves on long trips by watching YouTube videos just like they do at home. A plethora of video-on-demand movies are at your fingertips will be available while driving to visit Grandma.

Also, the number of mobile broadband plans available continues to increase creating competition which lowers prices for the consumer. Of course choosing which plan to purchase can mind-boggling. But look for sites like that can help compare the different plans available making the choice easier.

According to government statistics, Americans drive seven billion miles a day with the average per person being 40 miles each day. With that much time being spent on the road it's logical that the ever-improving mobile broadband technology would focus on providing useful services targeted for that time.

Besides loads of entertainment possibilities, built-in broadband technology in cars will make it easier to use advanced navigation services and hands-free communications which is a huge safety concern right now.

Consider the leaps and bounds that are being made into GPS augmented reality services – where information about a location appears on devices automatically as you near that location – broadband in built into cars will likely soon become a standard option.