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Personalized Genetics: New Journal and 22andMe

Saturday, September 12, 2009 at 10:09 AM EDT

Here are a few interesting publications, articles, updates and news about personalized genetics.

  • 22andme? (GenomeBoy): Linda Avey is leaving 23andMe

I’ve decided that I’d like to focus my efforts on an area that is personally significant and will continue to have a huge impact on our healthcare system–Alzheimer’s disease. Effective today, I’m leaving 23andMe and have begun making plans for the creation of a foundation dedicated to the study of this disorder.

human genre project

Conclusions: This first study to simultaneously examine autonomic nervous system genetics, the biomarker complexity, and mortality concludes: (1) ANS genetics and physiologic complexity are independently related to mortality; (2) Genetics and complexity add information over traditional acuity scoring (probability of survival); and (3) Simultaneous assessment of ANS physiology and genetics may yield novel research, diagnostic, and therapeutic opportunities in critical illness.