The Real Truth About Obamacare

Robert ReichDespite the worst roll-out conceivable, the Affordable Care Act seems to be working. With less than two weeks remaining before the March 31 deadline for coverage this year, five million people have already signed up. After decades of rising percentages of Americans' lacking health insurance, the uninsured rate has dropped to its lowest levels since 2008.

Top 10 Unproven Claims for War Against Syria

Dennis KucinichIn the lead-up to the Iraq War, I researched, wrote and circulated a document to members of Congress which explored unanswered questions and refuted President Bush's claim for a cause for war. The document detailed how there was no proof Iraq was connected to 9/11 or tied to al Qaeda's role in 9/11, that Iraq neither had WMDs nor was it a threat to the U.S., lacking intention and capability to attack. Unfortunately, not enough members of Congress performed due diligence before they approved the war.

Obama's Political Capital and the Slippery Slope of Syria

Robert ReichEven if the President musters enough votes to strike Syria, at what political cost? Any president has a limited amount of political capital to mobilize support for his agenda, in Congress and, more fundamentally, with the American people. This is especially true of a president in his second term of office. Which makes President Obama's campaign to strike Syria all the more mystifying.

Will Congress Endorse Obama's War Plans? Does it Matter?

Ron PaulPresident Obama announced this weekend that he has decided to use military force against Syria and would seek authorization from Congress when it returned from its August break. Every member ought to vote against this reckless and immoral use of the U.S. military. But even if every single member and senator votes for another war, it will not make this terrible idea any better because some sort of nod is given to the Constitution along the way.

Review: Wrestling with the Devil by Lex Luger

Once a role model for children across America, pro wrestling star Lex Luger nearly destroyed his career and himself in a cesspool of drugs, alcohol, narcissism and women. He was Wrestling With the Devil. Born Lawrence "Larry" Pfohl, Luger starts his autobiography off explaining his childhood. In the fourth grade he was the fastest kid in school and the best all-around athlete. He came from a strict family, although he got into a lot of trouble. One day when he was caught stealing, his father wanted him locked up in a cell and for the key to be thrown away.

Coroner: Andrew Breitbart Died of Heart Failure

Conservative media activist Andrew Breitbart died March 1 of "heart failure and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with focal coronary atherosclerosis," the Los Angeles Coroner's Office announced Friday afternoon. "No prescription or illicit drugs were detected," the office announced in a press release.

Villains & Vigilantes Creators Sue Game's Publisher

An epic battle is underway over one of the oldest super-hero roleplaying games, but sadly it won't be settled by muscle-bound men in tights. The creators of the game Villains & Vigilantes, Jeff Dee and Jack Herman, have filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Scott Bizar, the longtime publisher of the game. The suit, filed July 27 in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, claims that Bizar has no right to publish the game or any related products and illegally profits from their sale.

Mike Huckabee's Distortions of U.S. History

Mike Huckabee went on The Daily Show last night and said some remarkably ignorant things about the history of the Constitution and what he refers to as the views of secularists. In a discussion on the well-worn debate about whether or not the founders intended America to be a "Christian Country," Huckabee claims all conservatives like him want is a recognition that most of the founders were Christian. I don't know of a single atheist who would deny that the majority of the founders were professed Christians.

SFO Welcomes Virgin’s New Look, Virgin America Welcomes Travelers with Sale

Virgin America, the only California-based US airline, opened up its new terminal in San Francisco Wednesday to all of the hoopla we've grown accustomed to with the hippest fliers in the country. Terminal 2, known as T2, will host Virgin as the anchor airline and the terminal's new look (it's actually been around for more than 60 years) is strictly got Virgin in mind throughout. The 640,000 square foot terminal is also the first LEED platinum certified terminal in the country — giving it some eco-goodness that no other terminal can currently enjoy. "As a new airline we've been able to use the latest in technology, design and sustainable practices to enhance the traveler experience, and we hope elevate the journey beyond just getting from Point A to Point B," said David Cush, President and Chief Executive Officer of Virgin America. "We're proud to unveil a new home that similarly reinvents the travel experience for the modern flyer -- and that also reflects the innovative,

History, Culture, and the Brain

I recently watched the debate between apologist William Lane Craig and historian Bart Ehrman on the historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus. As a historian in training, I naturally take special interest in this particular issue. My overall impression after watching the debate is that Craig lacks an understanding (willful or not) of the quality of his sources, the complexity of human psychology, and the power of culture, particularly when it comes to theological impulses.