ISG Report Shows Fractured Conservatives

Saturday, December 09, 2006 at 03:41 PM

And we thought it was just the election that proved that? Neat piece, from the NY Times reveals that the Iraq report clearly shows: Ain't no joy left in Mudville...

We knew, of course, that many conservatives would look on the report with pure nastiness:

The Wall Street Journal's editorial page described the report as a "strategic muddle," Richard Perle called it "absurd," Rush Limbaugh labeled it "stupid," and The New York Post portrayed the leaders of the group, former Secretary of State James A. Baker III and Lee H. Hamilton, a former Democratic member of Congress, as "surrender monkeys."

True, but these buttheads aren't your old-school conservatives; these are the voices of fascism speaking, to them, the report is a sharp rebuke of their gloabilizational fantasies. They'd march us all into hell wearing gasoline drawers, of course.

Not so those more to the middle:

Republican moderates clung to the report, mindful of the drubbing the party received in last month's midterm elections largely because of Iraq. They said they hoped President Bush would adopt the group's principal recommendations and begin the process of disengagement from the long and costly war. But White House officials who conducted a preliminary review of the report said they had concluded that many of the proposals were impractical or unrealistic.

The divisions could make it more difficult for Republicans to coalesce on national security policy and avoid a bitter intraparty fight going into the 2008 campaign.

Well, at least they're more realistic about things, considering that Iraq was a major factor in the last election, and America ain't happy with the way things are going, true?

The big question, then, is, well, are the Rethugs going to mend their ways? Attempt to get more in touch with the voters and send this fantasy packing? Or like their precocious Chimpster, "stay the course"...even if it means total ruination for the GOP?

We shall see, indeed, we shall see.