It's Worse When The Pros Say It's Bad, Right?

Monday, December 11, 2006 at 03:58 PM

The Squid sends me links and stuff a lot, being he's retired from our US military. Of course, he keeps up with many blogs put together and maintained by old soldiers, retired officers, and well, these guys know the art of war the way many of us wish we did....

He sent me this interesting opinion on how we could learn well the lessons of Vietnam, and how damning it can be if we decide to do even more stupid stuff.

Penned by Fabius Maximus of DNI, a SITREP..meaning Situation Report. It's way too long to paste here, but please, read it all the same, and his conclusions are as mine, and The Squid: This is one game that must end and soon. I just wish our darling Chimpster paid heed to sharp guys like this one.