More specious logic from the Party of Ideas

Wednesday, December 13, 2006 at 04:59 PM

According to Missouri Governor Matt Blunt:

The fact that in such a horrific national climate we had such a successful election here in Missouri, really I see as a validation of what we've accomplished. It's a validation that people believe in small government, low taxes, an efficient government, investing in education. They like the improvements they've seen in our state's economy and lawsuit reform and regulatory relief, and they see that in job creation and ... the growth of personal income that's occurring in Missouri.

Got it?  The fact that so many otherplaces threw the bums out means that th places that simply didn't throw them out must really appreciate them.

And if that reasoning isn't self-serving and specious enough for you, there's the inconvenient fact that Missouri Repubicans actually didn't fare all that well:

Missouri Democratic Party spokesman Jack Cardetti said the election, with Democratic wins in the state auditor's race, the U.S. senator's race, and gains in the Missouri House and Senate "was a clean sweep for Democrats."

"Missouri voters voiced an opinion on Gov. Blunt by electing more Democrats," Mr. Cardetti said.

He cited a poll by that shows Mr. Blunt's approval rating, 38 percent, ranked 46th among the 50 U.S. governors.

If they appreciated him any more, they'd impeach the twit.