I guess lawsuits ain't so "frivolous" when it's GOP versus GOP

Wednesday, January 03, 2007 at 05:06 PM

As any GOPer worth his trident and devil's tail knows, you can't really be a Repub unless you can say "frivolous lawsuits" in at least three languages.  Frivolous, frivolous, frivolous.  Just about any lawsuit by a little person against one of the gigantic GOP supporters (like an insurance company,  or, say, an energy corporation) must be frivolous.  Got to get rid of the right to sue, it's killing the economy, the nation's morals, etceterant.

Turns out the Repubs don't see litigation as the enemy when it's GOP versus GOP, though.

From the Fort Bend, Texas newspaper:
Fort Bend GOP Sues Its Own Chairman Over Rights To Lincoln Day Fund-Raiser
by Bob Dunn, Jan 03, 2007, 02 13 pm

The Republican Party of Fort Bend County filed a lawsuit today against its own leader, saying Chairman Gary Gillen abused his position by scheming to divert money from the party "for his own selfish purposes."

Filed by New Territory attorney Brent Carpenter and Houston attorney Michael Stanley on behalf of the party, the suit accuses Gillen of breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, conversion, interference with a contractual relationship and "tortious interference with prospective relations."

Also named as a defendant in the suit is the Fort Bend Republican P.A.C., which was formed by Gillen and Fort Bend County GOP precinct chairman A.D. Muller. Muller, who since resigned from the political action committee, was not named in the suit.
The suit stems from actions Gillen took to form the PAC as a vehicle for operating the annual Lincoln Day event - which has been the county party's most lucrative fund-raiser for the past several years.

Upset over the move, members of the Fort Bend County GOP Executive Committee voted at a special meeting Dec. 14 to adopt a resolution telling Gillen and Muller to "cease and desist" in attempting to operate the 2007 Lincoln-Reagan Dinner at the Sugar Land Marriott Hotel, and directed party Vice Chairman Linda Howell to hire a lawyer to protect the party's interests in maintaining control of the event.

Gillen said after the Dec. 14 meeting the resolutions weren't legally binding and he didn't intend to alter his plans for operating the fund-raiser under authority of the PAC.

That stance apparently resulted in the lawsuit.

In it, Gillen is accused of taking a "database and list of supporters, contributors to prior fund-raisers and others that have expressed support" for the county Republican Party. "As a result, the Party has been damaged by losing a valuable asset - one which has allowed it to raised hundreds of thousands of dollars - and is unable to effectively communicate with its supporters and contributors."

Seems like another mini-bomb in what may well be the implosion of the Republican Party in places like Texas, where the GOP has been gobblin' up power for decades.  Power, after all, breeds.....this crap.