Monarchy? No. Dictatorship? Yeppers!

Thursday, January 18, 2007 at 06:48 AM

Wowee Zowee, Batman! A Rethug tells Il Chimpster off!...but who are we kidding?...

Hagel tells Das Chimpenfuerher: "This is NOT a monarchy!". Love it. Imagine that, a fellow Rethug telling our beloved dictator off, eh?

Monarchy? Hardly. A dictator? Yes.

It's beginning to look that way. The clues?

-Some time back, Chimpster makes a crack about how cool it would be to be a dictator, providing he was such person.

-Tony "Fox" Snow says, in short, loosely, "The Chimp does not have to pay attention to Congress!"

-The domestic spying stuff isn't slowing, it's worsening. Hi, guys, how's the weather up there in Langley?

-And, against all advice to the contrary, Il Jackasso has decided to do an escalation in a doomed war.

-And, if the polls are correct, he could care less what me, Lee, you, and the rest of the American public think.

Now, take three steps back and think hard for a moment, and play Einstein, do a thought experiment: If this was coming from some other nation's leader, what would we call such?

(Jeopardy theme goes here)

Pens down. Hope you wagered correctly.

Dictator is the correct answer, of course. Chimp looks like one, acts like one, talks like one, behaves like one, so why are we pretending otherwise?

Even worse, why is Congress pretending? Why aren't the wheels of impeachment already cranking up? "Oh,", said Dennis Kucinich, "If we go into Iran, all bets are off."

Sir, and Mister Hagel? Six says the horses are already in the next county! What are we waiting on? Yoo-hoo, John Conyers! What are YOU waiting on?

No, waiting another two years is not going to work, we've seen that with this idiotic man turning down sage advice, true? Messiah complex? Napoleon Complex? Psycho crazy man?

Please, Congress, wait no longer, we are now begging: Impeach. Now.