Is He A Rethug Yet?

Saturday, February 17, 2007 at 05:45 AM

I love stuff like this, as Chuck Barris would say, then again, I love licking a lit road flare....

Cute. Seems Joe "I wannabee another McCain" Lieberman's mouth is where his money is. Or is it the other way around?

He's proving his true political leanings with this nonsense:

Let me explain what I mean by a constitutional crisis. Let us be clear about the likely consequences if we go down this path beyond this non-binding resolution. Congress has been given constitutional responsibilities. But the micro-management of war is not one of them. The appropriation of funds for war is. I appreciate that each of us here has our own ideas about the best way forward in Iraq, I respect those that take a different position than I, and I understand that many feel strongly that the President's strategy is the wrong one. But the Constitution, which has served us now for more than two great centuries of our history, creates not 535 commanders-in-chief, but one--the President of the United States, who is authorized to lead the day to day conduct of war.

Is this clown for real????

What makes me angry as heck is that this jackass doesn't have the balls to tell everyone he's REALLY a Rethug. Not Dem or Indie, this is how Rethugs walk, talk and sound.

Worse, he's like the Chimp: He seems to think we Murricans don't have a brain. Well, jokes on him, obviously.

Go home, Joe.