Religious right hyperbole and distortion

Tuesday, February 20, 2007 at 04:38 PM

As some figures on the right bemoan the "lack of civility" in public discussions, and lament the inability of opponents to discuss their differences thoughtfully and with respect, we get this from the religious right:

In religious America, human life is cherished because it is imbued with the sanctity of the Creator. In secular America, an unborn child -- or even a partially-born child -- is an intrusion, like a tumor or a gallstone or a bad piece of meat, and a mother -- empowered by an imperious judiciary acting as a supra-legislature -- can decide to end the intrusion up until the child is fully detached.
Samuel R. Lewis, in a 12-5-06 Washington Times piece titled What Really Divides America.

Yeah, that's likely to encourage honest debate.  Know anyone who considers the unborn similar to a gallstone or bad piece of meat?

The sickest part is that this slander comes from a web site that fancies itself "A Just Society."  From distortion and insult shall come a just society?

If so, it will damn well be the first time.