Focus on the Family Dollars

Tuesday, February 27, 2007 at 06:25 PM

Just imagine how much good this kind of money could actually do for families struggling financially....

A recap of the finances of Focus on the Family, according to the People for the American Way:

Finances: $137,848,520 (2004 Focus on the Family revenue); $24,988,036 (2004 Focus on the Family Action revenue) .... Funding According to Ministry Watch, Focus on the Family is the eighth largest ministry in terms of revenues in their database. FOF receives a substantial portion of its revenue from its countless resources, including book, periodical, CD, video, and magazine sales, as well as conference and retreat costs, yet still, in its 2004 990 form, declares $118,263,318 of grants, contributions and gifts received from donors. Focus on the Family's ownership of its land (it prefers to own rather than rent its space) and buildings add up to $48 million on its books, and in 2004 they cited the cost of upkeep and improvements on their property to be over $101.5 million.

James Dobson pays FOF a yearly sum of $5000 for radio show fees.

Shirley Dobson, wife of James and head of the National Day of Prayer, works in conjunction with FOF for funding for the events of the National Day of Prayer; in 2004 the total cost of the events came to $164,000, which was apparently in part reimbursed by a $150,000 donation to FOF by the National Prayer Committee (NPC).

That's revenue of over $162 million in one year. That's enough to give 16,200 struggling families $10,000 each. But that wouldn't combat the real evils of the world, like homosexuality and gay marriage, right?