Halliburton Going To UAE: What A Shocker! (NOT!)

Monday, March 12, 2007 at 01:36 PM

And just when you thought the inept and incredibly corrupt GOP and Herr Chimp couldn't pull off anything even more, well, let's just say it don't look good....

Raw Story has the piece. Seems.....
Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) says in the release, "Halliburton has gone to extraordinary lengths in the past to do business with the terrorist government in Iran," citing recent Treasure investigations of the multinational's business dealings with Tehran. "The company's odd announcement this week certainly sets off alarm bells about its intention to do business with state sponsors of terrorism. When it comes to Halliburton we can't trust, and we need to verify."
Tip of the iceberg, Frank. There are other reasons for Cheneyburton to pack up for UAE:

-Taxes. WHAT taxes? -Accountability. WHAT accountability?

Cheneyburton, friends, is typical of the way companies do business these days: Eff you, buddy, so long as we make profits, got it?

They are not the first, either, to take advantage of the cutsie breaks offered by other locales, like no taxes, no buttinskies peeking into their operations, you know, all the goodies of globalization, true? Honestly, take a notepad and walk through just about any store these days, write down the manufacturer's names, and how many of them are still here in America? (Hint: A number between zero and.....)

But, Cheneyburton is special, see, because they also get all those wonderful no-bid contracts that waste BILLIONS, they get to supply equipment to oil-producing nations, and their former...is he really...CEO, well, you can just about bet where his next retirement home will be. Go on, take a guess. Hint, I sincerely doubt they have extradition treaties for those who deliberately break federal laws, right? Mmmm?

I guess my point? Why are we NOW upset? We didn't see this coming down the pipe? It was always about oil. See, kids? The oil companies installed their very own president and vice-president so they could do this very thing, see? A BS war, and now, that they've taken about all they can from the treasury, they're packing up and ready to retire to their new homes!

And I keep waiting and watching, and maybe one day, another fairy tale will come about called The Day The People Lost It And Got Angry....maybe one day, eh?