Hey, truth ain't free, you know (not in Dobson land)

Thursday, March 22, 2007 at 02:38 PM

For those who just can't wait for the next opportunity to hand James Dobson a few more dollars, here's a press release announcing Focus on the Family's new attempt to raise funds...uh, I mean religious awareness:

Focus on the Family Brings The Truth ProjectTM to Kansas City, MO ... COLORADO SPRINGS, Mar. 16 /Standard Newswire -- According to a recent study by The Barna Group, Ltd., only 9 percent of Evangelicals have a biblical worldview. This stunning statistic reveals that an estimated 91 percent of professing Christians do not live their lives as though the Bible is real and relevant to them. In response, Focus on the Family is launching the most ambitious project in its history--The Truth ProjectTM