Sodom, God, Money, Power And The Real Truth Of It All

Saturday, September 10, 2005 at 06:21 AM

One of the reasons yours truly didn't mind being "fired" from the local Southern Baptist Institute Of Mind Control was that more often than not, someone's demented mindset kept getting in the way of the truth.

A classic "for example" would be these silly comparisons between certain cities here and there to Sodom and Gommorrah. Of course, anytime someone mentions gays, lesbians or other "sinful doings" in a particular locale, some homophobic jackass then decides to tell flock...and media.. "Oh, they're just like Sodom was!"

Problem? If these idiots read further, deeper, they'd be a tad scared to start pointing fingers, as the real Sodomites of this age...are just over the fence.

Most of the silliness comes from the poor interpretation of the events taking place within Genesis, and yes, transforming the Hebrew "yada" from "interrogative" to "sex". This was done, no one knows exactly when, in order to promote the Levitican codec of homophobic modus vivendi, so to speak.

Such is loosely based on the earlier parts where Adam "knew" his wife. Scholars debate this back and forth, insisting, in most cases, it was skillful editing, leaving out "carnally", ergo, Adam nailed Eve. But how can this end up being a pattern for translation later on?

It depends on your agenda, obviously, as if we read further, and deeper, the real "truth" of what went wrong in Sodom to cause Jehovah to transform the city into a pile of ash, then we expose things the "righties" don't want known.

If we peruse Ezekiel, we run across God making a comparison between Jerusalem becoming as bad as Sodom. There, we get what one might call "the straight dope" from the Creator Himself:

From Ezekiel 16:
"Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fulness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy."  (KJV)

There are also mentions of abominations, true, but this opener says a lot more than most of us were taught: Sodomites were guilty of conspicuous consumption, wealth, laziness, mendacity, idleness, and yes, a dislike of those of lesser fortune. This is also backed by the themes of the gospels, wherein Yeshua-ben-Nazareth himself spoke out harshly about money being one's God, the parable of The Good Samaritan and so on.

So, then, a city containing a homosexual population doesn't seem to be the reason for a nuking, now does it? Seems more that the sins of urban life and a wealthy aristocracy seem more likely.

Further, we can go elsewhere and load the guns even more: To the Talmud accounts, most from Sanhedrin 109, rich with anecdotes about:

-Four judges who are so corrupt they rule exclusively for the defendant, not the plaintiff. In one mention, a man drags his missus and neighbor to court for adultery, and is stunned when the jurist rules to let the man have her, until she's pregnant.

-Sodom's rampant paranoia: Having barely survived a war, they treat all strangers as suspects, often beating them, robbing them and yes, gang-raping them.

But, the most heartbreaking accounts concern Sodom's coldness towards those of lesser fortune:

-A young girl was caught sneaking bread to a beggar, was stripped naked, smeared with honey and eaten alive by bees.

-Special coins were handed to beggars, for redemption for food items. Shopkeepers, seeing these special coins, ignored the purchases. When the beggar died, the coins were returned to their respective owners.

Most interesting, eh? Thus, the image of Sodom is far worse than the righties want us to know about: A paranoid culture based solely on money, power, corruption, wealth, laziness, and a death-grade law against charity of any sort.

Sounding familiar yet? Starting to sound like Rush Slimeball's little tirades on "those wanting handouts"? Or like, gee, just about every news item concerning our current plight here in this nation?

In other words, kids, these preachers best not open their yaps too damned far: The real Sodomites live in Washington, New York, well, just about everywhere, driving around in luxury vehicles, stoned to the nines on propaganda and other sundry BS, counting their loot and openly sticking their noses up at those without a pot to piss in.

New Orleans as Sodom? No, more like Washington, DC. Or all of America, for that matter, truth be known, and that's a sad thing to think about.