Damn, they be takin Katrina seriously!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005 at 03:06 AM

I ain't much of a writah, but I knows me some shit when it hits the fan. Dese mutha fuckas up here in Washington knows the deal, because they ain't takin' no chance on dis new shit in Florida.

I been to Florida once or twice, and those mutha fuckas know how to handle this shit. Jeb Bush ain't my favorite dick in the stall, but I'ma tell you, ain't nobody better'n ole Jebbie to take advantage of somebody else's mistakes.

Back when he was the governor of Florida, Jebbie was known for some slick-ass shit, givin; the state to his brutha and dissin' democracy on a grand muthafuckin scale. But now that he be the governor of Florida, Jebbie be learnin' some o' the ins and outs of running a state when you brutha be a fucked up midget mutha fucka.

I don' wanna come off too hard on Jebbie and that fuckin' idiot fuck in the White House. I mean shit, I'm a fan. It's shit like this, from the Times, that makes me think they be getting they shit together, or at least figurin' out how not to get mutha fuckas killed every day they run the place.

See, Jeb be learnin' from Katrina, and takin' that shit seriously. And this here is the wisdom of the "forgotten brutha", because he knows he ain't got a rat's ass chance in hell of makin' it to his brutha's house in '08, and he be graspin' at straws, trying to pretend like he give a shit about anybody but himself. It's political genius, and I really admire that shit, I gotta say.

See, the trick is, you see some utha fucka down on Pennsylvania get his shit shot up, you don't fuck with the guy did the shootin'. It's easy shit, and I'm gettin' real hopeful because the younger Bush be learnin' somtehing his brutha be forgettin' all the fuckin' time: You don't be shittin' where ya eat.

Get those mutha fuckas outta Florida, Jebbie. You still a bitch, but you be gettin' smarter all the fuckin' time.

L. Foley, September 19th 2005