Just My Opinion

Thursday, May 24, 2007 at 07:08 PM

Is it just me, or have the Democrats in power forgotten to stop taking their "stupid" pills?

It looked like everything was going so well, that we had a balance of power starting to form in the government again. Bush was pushing, and for once Congress was pushing back.

Of course, that was six weeks ago. Now, it looks just like it looked for the first six years of the Bush administration, with the Democrats really, truly, and actually "cutting" and "running".

How could Democrats continue to deny being the "cut and run" party, when they cave to Bush so easily and so readily? How does that work? If you run away from the fundamental, critical, and necessary fight for our people's lives, how are you NOT the cut and run party?

Dodging the conflict with Bush so that a Democrat can be elected in 2008 is more than stupid, more than irresponsible, and more than negligent. Dodging this fight and giving Bush back his carte blanche is like handing your keys to a car thief. And not a smart car thief, but one who will look at you and say "May I please have your car keys, to make it easier to steal your car?"

Timetable for withdrawal? Nope. Benchmarks that are meaningless? Sure!

Accountability to the office of the President? Nope. Letting him decide what laws to follow or not on a whim? Sure!

Is Bush really so charismatic and/or powerful that even the people put in place for no other reason than to verify and correct his actions are giving him that rubber stamp so many thought would be gone once the Democrats were elected?

Stop playing nice with these pricks. You can write to your congressmen and women all you like, and it won't matter. Why? Because we don't matter. What matters is that we all have short-term memories and no taste for nuance, that we're all simplistic morons who only remember what happened in the last week.

We are utterly and completely incapable of making good decisions based on large amounts of evidence, and the entire government knows it. That's why they can do whatever they want today and never be punished for it at election time, because they only have to perform for six weeks before the election to get there.

And just so I'm clear here, let me say that the Democrats are not as bad as the Republicans in this administration. They are worse. And they are worse becuase we knew the Republicans didn't stand for anything, but we expected these Democrats to stand, and we have been betrayed.


"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross." - Sinclair Lewis

The disgust level is rising in the population. Third party? Overthrow of the leadership of one or both of the current two parties? Who knows.

But I think we're getting ever closer to the point where one articulate leader could create a real groundswell. My concern is which kind of leader are we talking about? Roosevelt? Hitler? Father Coughlin?

Adults among the Democrats recognize that mindless, contrary opposition to President Bush to the denial of all other considerations, including the welfare of our nation, is irresponsible. The whack left of the internet can afford to be screamingly insane as long as they have no real power. Indeed, because the internet whack left is screamingly insane they will never have power. They will be "betrayed" into irrelevance.

"mindless, contrary opposition to President Bush to the denial of all other considerations, including the welfare of our nation, is irresponsible"

Absolutely true and absolutely irrelevant to the topic.

Trying to make a positive change to the administration's policy in Iraq, which has been a disaster from day one, hardly qualifies as mindless opposition to the denial of the welfare of our country.

There's a much stronger argument that allowing the President to continue a completely failed policy that costs lives, $$ and our nation's place in the the world is a mindless contrary opposition to pressure to change, to the denial of all other considerations, including the welfare of our country.