Making an example never seemed so simple...

Tuesday, September 20, 2005 at 04:53 PM

or so stupid.

Ok, I picked up the "local paper" this morning, and I started reading. It's been a while since I've actually read print news, but I was at an IHOP trying to chase a screaming toddler half the day, so I said what the hell, I'm going to relax with a nice newspaper, those old school creations that have drifted from the mind of the internet generation(s).

And I learned you can sue someone if your kid overdoses on drugs. Your kid's best friend's parents.

Boulder City, Nevada is well-known in the Valley for being a place where there are a lot of drugs going arounnd, and it is a real problem among the younger population, as I imagine it is in just about every suburban playground in the country.

One girl got some drugs, presumably from her parent's medicine cabinet, and went out with her friend. While they were out, they drank, smoked pot, and did Lortab, a prescription pain killer.

Well, the friend overdosed and died. the girl and her parents are being sued for the girls death in a civil matter, because the police have not filed charges.

Let me tell you what: If you were the fucking parents you were supposed to be, your daughter would not have done the drugs HERSELF, and she would not be dead from a drug overdose.

Blame everybody but your fucking selves, is that what we're getting to now? Frug abuse is a huge problem, but when parents fail to confront it and then blame someone else, that just pisses me off.