Rising Republican Accused of Deviate Sexual Conduct

Wednesday, August 08, 2007 at 08:38 PM

Glenn Murphy Jr., who has been credited with reviving the Republican Party in in his Indiana county, and was recently elected president of the Young Republican National Federation (YRNF), has been accused by a 22-year old male of performing an unwanted sex act on him while he slept.

Murphy has since resigned from both his position as County party head and President of the YRNF, claiming in an e-mail that his company has been awarded a contract which stipulates that Murphy not hold any partisan political office.

Details of the claim became public by virtue of a copy of the police report being posted on an Indiana political blog, and being given to a local reporter. Although police have not charged Murphy with a crime, they are investigating the report for possible criminal prosecution as criminal deviate conduct, an offense that a local newspaper reports could be a class B felony.

This apparently is the second such charge against Murphy. The first was made in 1998 but resulted in no criminal charges. Murphy's current lawyer has publicly responded, claiming that posting the police report online was unlawful, and that the sex act alleged by the complainant was consensual.

If the complaint is true, Murphy is a criminal. Even if not true, Murphy appears to be yet another of the many GOP hypocrites who are and act gay while serving the anti-gay forces that prevail in the Republican party. Murphy, whose consulting firm has worked for many Republican candidates, has been accused of being "fond of using divisive wedge issues, such as gay marriage, to promote his candidates."

In addition, the Constitution of the YRNF, of which Murphy had been a member for some time before being elected President, states one of the purposes of the YRNF to be to "support the principles, objectives and platform of the Republican Party." In turn, that party's platform has consistently endorsed anti-gay positions, such as being against gay marriage, against gays in the military, in favor of a Constitutional Amendment to ban gay marriage, and so on.

All very odd but by now quite expected from the party of moral values.


What is it that is 'deviant' in this? Touching while they sleep?

Otherwise, wouldn't you be encouraging them to 'legitimize' the relationship with marriage?