'Kid Nation' Contestants No Fans of President Bush

Thursday, September 20, 2007 at 05:33 PM

After the children on the CBS reality TV series Kid Nation create their own government, it might not be an ally of the United States. Several of the contestants posted online profiles on the CBS web site that are highly critical of President Bush.

When asked to name some of the worst U.S. presidents in history, a 14-year-old Florida girl named Sophia gave this answer:

I think George W. Bush takes the cake. The planet is disintegrating, we're fighting an unnecessary war, millions are without health care, the school system has gone down the toilet, the country is billions of dollars in debt, the world seems to be headed on a path towards destruction, and America's hypocrisy is mocked by many nations. I think that merits recognition.

Asked the same question, 9-year-old Alex of Nevada wrote this:

George W. Bush, for leading us into a war without checking his facts first and for not having a clear plan prior to the invasion. He also suppressed anyone who wanted to question his decisions, which is against the American concept of free speech. William Harrison because he was too stupid to wear a coat at his inauguration speech, and caught pneumonia and died without doing anything in office.

And here's Anjay, 12, one of the president's fellow Texans:

The US president that comes to mind, due to recent events, is George W. Bush, because I don't agree with the way he is handling the Iraq war.

D.K., an Illinois 14-year-old, was critical of both Presidents Bush:

George Bush; for not truly caring what happened to his country while he was in presidency, George W. Bush; for trying to be an exact replica of his father and his poor decisions.

Bush does receive support from Emilie, a 9-year-old Nevadan, aside from one issue:

My parents voted for George Bush and I agree with their decision. Although I did not agree with Bush's decision to send my brother and other soldiers to war.

One of the kids, Alex, named Al Gore as a world leader he admires and said he read Gore's book An Inconvenient Truth. "I admire the fact that Al Gore has committed himself to champion this worthy cause," he writes.

These profiles were discovered by blogger Rafe Colburn. The premise of Kid Nation is that 40 children, ages 8 through 15, have been left in a desert ghost town to fend for themselves and create their own society, a la Lord of the Flies. Producers choose one child an episode to receive $20,000.

The Bush-loathing Sophia won the first prize on Wednesday's premiere.


Give me a break! I dont for a minute believe these comments are solely that of children. I can understand that parents talk and kids listen and that is where these comments come from (I believe). I also believe that if we had more people from both parties supporting our President and our mission in Iraq we would be able to accomplish our goals much more efficiently.

The opinions of kids. Sure.
These represent the opinions that were proposed by the same creative writers at the Leftist network CBS, aka Clinton Broacasting System, that write the scripted scenes for this ridiculous show and it's predecesor, Survivor!
Blast Bush and praise Gore. We can see right through it.

These kids are a lot smarter than the idiot in the White House - a man who will go down in history as the worst president of all time. He will be known as the man who lied to to the American people as he attacked a country that had done nothing to us and which did not have the means to do anything to us. He will be known as the man who sacrificed the lives of thousands of American troops and maimed thousands more. He will be known as the man responsible for the destruction of another country, the slaughter of at least a million of its citizens and making refugees of millions more. He will be known as the man who has made American a pariah among the peoples of the world. He will be known as the man who has driven the deficit to record heights and allowed foreign countries to finance our debt. He will be known as the most secretive president in history who has also used the Constitution as a door mat.

It is obvious that these kids have a brain and have not been taken in by the occupant of the Oval Office who said that in his job he has to catapult the propaganda. And, boy has he shoveled it out.

Thankfully more and more Americans are not buying his brand of garbage.

What I think is really interesting in these comments is that the first two people think that kids can't possibly have these kind of legitimate opinions on their own. This is why so many rightwingers need to have their children homeschooled, so that they can be fed the "right" opinions and taught not to actually read and think for themselves. I know lots of kids in this age group and many of them think George W. Bush is a great president and many of them think he's a terrible president. Just like the adults. What the kids don't do is characterize the opinions of people different than them as having been fed to them by some boogeyman (the mainstream media, their leftist parents, their rightwing parents, their churches). This disingenuous need to ignore the content of what they say and attack the possible "source" of their "infection" here is what is exactly wrong with the way rightwing discourse has come to be handled. Talk about the actual content, not about the conspiracy that somehow keeps everybody from agreeing with you. Sheesh.

To quote from the last post, "Many think George W. Bush is a great president and many think he's a terrible president. Just like the adults."
It seems CBS filtered out any and all kids and/or their comments that felt he's a great president. And low and behold one prmotes Lying Al Gore.
In the true mold of CBS they now use unknowing children to promote their liberal bias!!

Amazing clarity of thought out of todays kids.

If you don't think these kids said what they said, click on their names to go to their bio which reveals that they are capable of constructing a lucid, thoughtful sentence.


Dispute the things which they say as tinfoiler induced like the first two posters who have drank the kool-aid and remain in the denial state (no not Egypt's river) that things are different from the world they are fed by the neo-nazi's on talk radio/Faux.

Are you kidding? you don't trust a 15 year old to drive, drink alcohol responsibly or see an R rated movie but your going to praise their intellect for some canned political statement you can read anywhere in the media today like it was their own thought?
So it's clear that you all are taken in by the false two party system.
They all talk a great game but what really counts is when they go to vote. A few dissenters vote against to save party face but the bill still passes along with everyones special needs pet projects tacked onto the end that they don't discuss much or publicize.
It's a a lie pull away from the feed bag a second and really look at whats going on. But hey as long as that monetary pacifier still taste good you'll keep sucking up and believing what they feed you.

Don't care: I don't watch "reality TV". I've no need. I live down in the deep south. Ergo, one visit to a relative of mine who owns and operates a beauty salon supplies me with more intel about people I couldn't give two shits about for decades. People who watch that crap need a lifestyle injection....

If You want an Honest answer ask a Child. If You want bloviations ask an Adult.


If You want an Honest answer ask a Child. If You want bloviations ask an Adult.


Ahh Yess! Another generation of indoctrinated youth. Pretty soon they'll all be dressed in designer brown shirts and the cutest little jackboots you would ever want to see. Why don't we just let these kids be kids and stop trying to make them little clones of the politically correct machine.

I can't believe how stupid some people are. It really does amaze me. They actually think we will believe that a 9 year old kid said Bush led us into a war without checking his facts? Comeon...I am 38 and I don't know all the facts. They are reading lines CBS gave them and coached them on. I really hate the seperation of the country right now. They have kids commenting on issues they have no idea about. "Sophia" said this: "1)The planet is disintegrating, 2)we're fighting an unnecessary war, 3)millions are without health care, 4)the school system has gone down the toilet, 5)the country is billions of dollars in debt, 6)the world seems to be headed on a path towards destruction". 1)WRONG: man has very little on the Earth's climate. Everything Gore said is BS. 2) Wrong: We stopped a man that has killed millions of people and aided know terrorists. He may not have attacked us, but he gave money and shelter to those that did. 3)WRONG: There is healthcare available...anyone ever heard on Medicare? There may be people without healthcare insurance, but not as many as the Dems want you to believe. There are people without jobs...but the unemployment rate is lower that when Slick Willie was in office. 4)Ok...I have to give partial truth to that one. But it's not necessarliy Bush's fault, but I am sure some blame lies there. 5)TRUE, but the deficate is actually going down...do the research. 6)TRUE, but in the 60's/70's, people thought the same thing. Different era, different views. And this is my favorite: Alex: I admire the fact that Al Gore has committed himself to champion this worthy cause" LoL...get a new role model kid.

Let's see...all the things these 9 and 12 year olds are saying (supposedly on their own....yeah, right!) are all the things the left-wing lemming Democrats think and believe. Do you want your country to be run by adults whose thoughts can be easily espoused by 9 and 12 year olds? I don't....I want real adults who make hard decisions in a complicated and complex world, that isn't as cut and dried as 9 year olds believe it is.

Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

Visitor at 06:18 doesn't make the cut.

How does it feel yo wake up in the morning and actually be THAT wrong?

1)The planet is disintegrating, 2)we're fighting an unnecessary war, 3)millions are without health care, 4)the school system has gone down the toilet, 5)the country is billions of dollars in debt, 6)the world seems to be headed on a path towards destruction"

6:18's attempts to prove these arguments false with dittohead logic would be laughable if it wasn't so pathetic.

1) The planet is losing bio-diversity that it will never get back including mass extinctions.

2) The War in Iraq is a purely elective war that not only didn't have to be fought but should have never been considered in the first place.

3) Millions are w/o healthcare Medicaid doesn't even begin to cut it.

4) Since shifting resources away from public schools in order to encourage the mass building of Xtian madrassas in the US it can be safely sed that the school system is failing American kids miserably.

5) The entire war in Iraq is being fought using a Chi-Com credit card and the small print on the back of the agreement is a guarantee that the US will become more and more beholden and subserviant to the rising Middle Kingdom until America officially becomes China's bitch. Even w/o this grim reality the twin trade deficits are ultimately unsustainable. The only thing really keeping the US economy afloat at this point is the continued existence of the Petro dollar. That situation is already changing.

6) The world is on a path to destruction. Pollution, over-population, global warming, religious fueled wars, a coming World War over dwindling non renewable energy sources, all this combined with a hopelessly, corporately corrupted series of governement around the world who's policies are being run by pan global elitists and disguised by a compliant MSM.

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