Kevin McCullough's Dishonest Honor

Saturday, September 22, 2007 at 10:12 AM

Kevin McCullough is in the business of trying to convince people that liberals "hate" a lot, especially Christians. Kevin McCullough posted this on his web site this very morning:

Is James Brolin (Mr. Babs) the most vomit-inducing, clueless, tasteless, stool sample ever to walk the planet?

Hmmmm. Kevin's concerned about hate. Too bad Kevin's not concerned about reality, or honesty. Or sanity. Hard to tell without having the pleasure of meeting him.

But this is the same honest guy who wrote a column called "Why liberals hate Christians," which I mentioned in a post as an example of the disingenuous conservative tactic of claiming that criticizing them is the equivalent of hating them, but it's okay for them to criticize you for hating them. My entire mention of McCullough consists of this:

The one and only Kevin McCullough wrote a Town Hall column titled "Why liberals hate Christians."
Mr. Honesty's response (on his site):
people are still getting angry.

Lee Russ is one of them, but he chose to go after several of us who have pointed out just how much rage there is in the left of America.

First, my post wasn't angry, it couldn't hold an angry candle to your average McCullough diatribe. Read it for yourself and see. Second, Mr. Honest Christian is trying to promote himself (what he does best) by associating himself with the much more famous conservative types. His headline, in fact, is "Held in the same contempt as Krauthammer, Noonan, and DeLay... I'm honored."

Honored, maybe. Honest, certainly not. So many of the politically conservative Christians seem awfully comfortable with lies and the little brother of lies, stretching of the truth. Have they deleted the prohibition against lying from the Ten Commandments? And I'm pretty sure that pride wasn't exactly one of Jesus's favorite human foibles.


The best part of McCullough's "Why Liberals Hate Christians" rant is the part at the end where he claims to possess a "joy, peace, and contentment" that liberals lack. See any contentment in any of his bilious rants? The guy looks like the before picture in an acid reflux commercial.

But do liberals hate Christians?

You have to "see" things the way these morons do. They tend to take a complex issue, or about anything that's tougher than 1+1=2 and attempt....badly, oversimplify something that, sadly, cannot be simplified.

This "person" bitching at Lee tends to illustrate this poor method of reckoning. But, such has an appeal to the morons of Moronica. It also explains the recurrence factor of "megadittoitis" and other cranial malfunctions.

But, do we hate Christians? Just the stupid ones. Just the ones who have left the teachings of mystic Yeshua for the altar of purest venom, that's who. Just the ones who fly down the road in their NCC-1701-sized vehicles, flipping their middle fingers at minorities, with their cutesy John 3:16 sticker or their halibut emblem in full display, yeah, those asswipes.

Oh, wait. Yeshua had a name for that kind: Pharisees.

Yeah, we hate Pharisees. That's more like it.

What a idiot

I am a conservative christian. By that I mean that I believe the bible is the inspired word of God, it means what it says and says what it means.

But there is way too much hate speech from conservative christians and liberals. As you said, Jesus spoke against this as well as many other things dealing with life and the way we are to live it.

One of the things that it says is dont judge because you will be judged.

The saying applies to all of us. Smile, God loves us, but hates our evil ways.

Spud is an athiest/ recovering Catholic and Spud by no means hates Christians. Hate the sin but luff the sinner sez Spud. The attempts by extremist Xtians to highjack an essentially peaceful religion and use it to justify the worst forms of hatred and intolerance are anti-thetical to the entire concept of spirituality. Their oft told lies about Liberals hating Christians is part of an entire narrative of falsehoods that these extremists have adopted as truisms. These overly simplified perceptions about the liberal mindset allow them to be smug and self congratulatory in their narrow minded, literalist interpretation of the words of Jesus. Like the divisivve, hateful exclusionary vision of Xtianity espoused by Ann Coulter, Kevin McCullough is just another wolf in lambs clothing. A fool and a dangerous one at that. Full of barely disguised hate are the religious conservatives which seems odd to Spud in the sense that Spud always believed in the adage that ignorance was bliss.

They should be much happier people, all things considered.

Be Well.