Ron Paul's Raving Republicans

Monday, December 17, 2007 at 11:37 AM

I don't think I've ever seen anything in American politics quite like the "Ron Paul Revolution," the fervent support for the grandfatherly old-school constitutionalist who is pulling liberty-minded voters and money into the Republican primary at astonishing rates.

Check out the scene at Paul's New York City headquarters last night when the candidate broke another fundraising goal, raising $6 million in one day to break $12 million for the quarter.

I can't decide whether that rave-like scene is thrilling or terrifying. But Paul supporters should probably rethink holding their palms in the air as they chant "jawohl!", er, "Ron Paul!" and a skinheaded videographer documents the scene.

Paul, a 72-year-old ob/gyn whose 10 terms in Congress earned him the nickname "Dr. No" for his votes on spending bills, sounds a little crazy in the debates, but most of that crazy comes from how foreign his ideas have become in our country. Sixty years ago, his call to knock off government social and tax programs, avoid military adventures, and abolish the Federal Reserve was solidly in the Republican mainstream.

Photo of Ron Paul Blimp and flag-waving supporter by MadwurmI can't say I'd vote for Paul -- I'm a Democrat who still believes in the necessity of many federal programs he'd destroy -- but I think he brings something important to our politics: a scalpel.

The federal government expanded at a rapacious rate under borrow-and-spend Republicans, and I don't see a Democrat who's strongly motivated to reverse that trend. In the last four debates I didn't hear one Democratic candidate talk about failed and expensive domestic programs that ought to be dropped. Democrats need to learn that the growth of the federal government's role in our lives isn't just about civil liberties. The more we spend on new do-goodery, the less that's available for the important do-goodery like Social Security, disease control, emergency assistance and renewable energy.

Credit: The photo was taken by Madwurm and is available under a Creative Commons license.


Just because a young person has a shaved head doesn't make them a "skin head".....

A few points you didn't understand about the video. 1) the $6 million dollars was after already reaching $12 million the day before. So, now it's over $18 million. $12 million was just the campaign's official goal which We the People passed by over 50%! 2) the supporters weren't holding up their hands in mock Nazi salute, the one guy in front of the camera was holding his hands as parentheses around the dollar figure on the screen, presumably for emphasis and 3) just because someone has no hair doesn't mean he's a skinhead in the racism mold.

As for Democrat do-goodery vs Republican(neocon) do-goodery, both require excessive taxation that mostly hurts the poor and middle class and both are increasingly inefficient. You are a proponent of the Democrat do-goodery such as renewable energy and emergency assistance. Just ask a Katrina survivor who helped more, FEMA or the (private) Red Cross? Renewable energy will only become viable when the subsidies to big oil are ended and the alternate energy production is on a level playing field. Both Reps and Dems support corporate subsidies in general. Ron Paul wants to level the playing field by requiring every energy producer work on their merits within pollution constraints and not through special favors, tax breaks, or subsidies. This will drive down the cost of all energy and make it cleaner by default. He also wants to save money to save Social Security for those who depend on it now, but allow future generations to get out of the system which cannot sustain itself and that will crumble under it's own weight.

But, thanks for the commentary. I love a peaceful, rational discussion.

I'm not trying to suggest that the videographer was a Nazi skinhead. But the juxtaposition of his hairless head with the uplifted hands and the "Ron Paul!" was a little spooky.

Ya say ya want a revolution?

Well... ya know.

The RonPaul Revolution is gaining momentum.

Spud is dead chuffed!

Why? Cos fer the first time in a while in American politics two populist candidates are emerging ahead of the corporate whores.

Every other candidate on the GOP slate is owned heart and soul by the corporate corrupting powers that have had DC in their thrall fer far too long. These are the one spoken of mostly by the chattering classes of the corporate MSM. The narrative as they have had it written for well over a year had Rudt Guiliani against Hillary Clinton. Both are representatives of the status quo, the so-called "safety" candidates by the lights of the powers that be. Trouble with the MSM this time around is two-fold as Spud sees it. First the difference between the reality that most people has see and feel around them is miles and days away from the perception the MSM has tried to impart. The days of Rah Rah politics are about done. America is becoming economically and morally bankrupt under the greedy, traitorous policies of the corrupt whores at BushCo. Meanwhile the traditional narrative of"Everything is essentially okay and we're working of fixing teh few small problems we have" is fialing to cut it. The difference between people opinions and the opinions the MSM are trying to shape have become too large.

The second reason is, of course, the alternate media. What Spud affectionately calls "blog-world". Real-time, simultaneous, many to many communication for the first time in the history of the world and still very much in it's infancy and yet the changes made to the people recieve and understand the nworld around them in thisnew information age are profound and uplifting.

Here's how Spud sees it. There are only two real populist candidates for this next presidential election. On the right there is Ron Paul on the left there is Barack Obama. If both of these two get their respective party nods it doesn't really matter who wins as the people's will will, at long last, have been represented, despite the massive odds against that happening. If the narrative the powers-that-be have arranged of a Rudy v. Hillary election then the people will have lost no matter who wins.

Great vid. Spud found the music they played in the background as the Ron Paul odometer crept over 12 mil to be interesting. The Australian band Bush's excellent "Machine Head" Spud luffs that one.

Spud's been saying fer a while now that this election wasn't gonna be like any of the others before it.

Spud luffs being right.

Be Well.

There were obviously a lot of young supporters in the crowd. The hands don't mean anything, they were excited.

I think some individuals have a hard time understanding exactly why Paul garners such enthusiasm. Why do many supporters stand out in the cold in freezing temperatures? Whey do they donate so much? Why do they seem so slighted when someone speak ill of their candidate?

The answer is actually very simple. It lies in what Pual is saying to the American public.

Paul talks about the restoration of civil liberties, he talks about empowering the individual and not the government, he talks about guidelines (the constitution) which did provide for a successful and happier existence, he is talking about basic, core, life issues. When someone is talking to you about basic, core, life issues you get excited. It is personal to you, it hits home in a big way. If you can't get excited about that than you need a serious vitamin program because you have become deadened to the world.

skinheaded videographer? what does that have to do with anything? He was also "eye browed", but you failed to mention he has eye brows.

I watched it twice and didn't see anybody say 'jawohl' or do hitler salutes, so your attempted aspersion sounds more like a fabrication, sorry. I suppose its okay to discriminate against hairless Americans, especially if they are white (I dont see anybody calling bald African-Americans "skinheads", it would be ludicrous). An apology there is in order.

However I appreciate your appreciation for what Paul is bringing to the race. The MSM and party pollsters keep counting the 2004 Bush primary voters (i.e. neocons one and all) as "likely republican voters" as a means of downplaying Paul's likely impact. I live here in NH, and I see far more support for Paul than anybody else.

Comparisons to Dean are also not valid: Dean did not die in NH cause of the scream in Iowa, he died here cause we in NH know who Dean is: the socialist governor of the socialist state next door (Vermont) whose economy has been dying for years as our low tax state siphons off their businesses and spenders. Ron Paul resonates in New Hampshire which has among the lowest per capita tax burdens in the nation, the least regulations, where you can walk down the street openly armed legally, and which has lower crime rates than switzerland. We have no state income tax, no state sales tax, and no seatbelt or motorcycle helmet requirements. NH was made for a Ron Paul candidacy, and NH will deliver Ron Paul to the White House.

"The federal government expanded at a rapacious rate under borrow-and-spend Republicans, and I don't see a Democrat who's strongly motivated to reverse that trend."

That is because the trend was started by the borrow-and-spend Democrats who controlled congress for 40 years.

just my .02

Tiger Woods fist pumps when he gets excited after getting a birdie. Does that make him spooky?

They're raising their hands in the football umpire sign for "goal" as in the $12 million goal had been reached.

I was stoked to see the New Yorkers partying. I wished I had been there.

Mr. Cadenhead, you are correct about one thing--you have never seen anything like this before. And like other members of the chattering crowd who are used to leading around public opinion by its collective nose, you have no idea how to respond to a genuinely populist movement. So you ridicule it and make veiled references to Third Reich. You should be ashamed of yourself, not just for the cheap ploy used by both Presidents Bush to demonize the opposition, but because of your utter lack of knowledge. Dr. Paul's belief in the Constitution of the United States and his devotion to personal liberty would not have stood him well in Nazi Germany. In fact, he'd likely be among the first wave sent to the camps.

People are getting sick and tired of the same old song-and-dance from their presidential candidates. See this YouTube music video, featuring horror movie icon, Reggie Bannister, from the international award-winning feature film, "Song of the Dead." It's a great satire on the president, the MSM, and the war on terror. The filmmaker is giving a share of his profits from the film to the Ron Paul campaign.

cadenhead> Its obvious you have no idea what you are watching based on your commentary...As a Jew I can assure you that the kid was holding up his hands framing the numbers as they were about to turn over to 12million as was the other kid pointing with his index finger... How silly of you to try to make this something it could not be further from... Its also apparent you watch and believe you are getting the facts from the alphabet media...

Think about this>>> If anyone of the other Candidates had raked in over 6million in 24 hours it would be frontpage on every paper and the networks would be talking about it for days... Its already been 3 days on huckabees and clintons endorsements and Obama/oprah has been front page almost a week...Please know the facts before you attempt journalism of Dr.Paul...The first link is 20 years of supporting our rights on ALL the issues without placation as many others do and the last two are our new campaign ads running in Iowa this weekend! Enjoy

FYI I am over 50 and there are many of us out there... Get ready there is finally someone to vote for instead of voting against the lesser of two evils!

Ron Paul Rocks !!!

He is the only candidate I would trust with my money and my family's safety.

I Vote For Virtue; I Vote For Ron Paul !!!

"I can't say I'd vote for Paul -- I'm a Democrat who still believes in the necessity of many federal programs he'd destroy"

I'm a Democrat that is mad as hell at the government stealing trillions of dollars from old people by raiding the Social Security Trust fund for the last 40 years, and am as pissed as hell that the Democrats of 1965 made this legal.

In fact, I'm so goddamn mad that the Federal government has ripped off this program and screwed the elderly that I want to strip the Federal government of every cent it gets from me, and I want my STATE government to take over every Federal program that exists.

And that's why I sent Ron Paul $2000 - so far and why I switched parties.

The question I have for all of you is - why aren't you mad?

To 'Mad as Hell' Democrat,
That's the spirit, Brother! It is in Paul's Anti-Federalism Message that Democrats, Socialists, Republicans, Free Marketeers, and even Greens and all others can be united... once we realize that the more LOCAL government is, the more responsive and effective it can be. One-size-fits-all federal programs fit NO ONE, yet cost us all dearly and serve only to line the pockets of politicians, lobbyists, and special interests.

You and I have almost opposite ideologies, but we are both Americans and can fight on the same side in this presidential race together - for liberty, for freedom, and for our Rights.

Yeah, I just truly don't get the Democrats anymore.

How much more money does the Federal government have to steal, how many more BS wars do they have to start, how much more do they have to screw up before people decide that they want to defund it?

I am totally fed up. I just don't understand at this point why anybody doesn't want this Federal government dead. I mean, look at this crap that's been passed into law! The Patriot Act? It was passed into law when NOBODY read it, it was over 100 pages long, and was passed 1 HOUR after it was introduced. The Federal government sucks and our representatives don't even bother to read the bills they are signing into law.

Having said that, I have no problem paying Social Security to keep old people from starving in the streets, but who the heck doesn't have a problem with the government taking the money and giving it to Blackwater? Like it or not - that's where your Social Security money is going to today - not blue haired old ladies, but a bunch of hired murderers.

Name me ONE PERSON running now for President that tried to stop any of this crap, other than Paul? He's more of a Democrat AND more of a Republican than any of the other people running.

It's just such a joke! How anybody can actually know what is going on and know the records of the "top tier" candidates, and not get mad, is just absolutely beyond me. The Federal government has become a mafia with a bunch of lackies posing as representatives, not a government. Every program has become nothing more than an excuse to tax people and hand it over to a bunch of "independent" companies, like Haliburton, Blackwater, and god knows what else.

Goddamn! Did someone pull the plug over at Democratic Underground again?

Just wondering.

I find it AMAZING how predisposition affects judgement.
If you look at the people they are making "peace" or "victory" signs, and/or moving their arms in synch with the rallying cry of "Ron Paul". The other person with Both arms in the air (Nazi's used one, in case you did not know), is only emphasizing the total for the day.

Open you eyes and your mind. And at least try to be honest.

Paul is consistently anti-government, and pro "free markets" in the same way that Ayn Rand, Mises, et al are. So he'll sound good on civil rights, because he doesn't think the government should have power over people. But he'll sound bad when it comes to government intervention to protect individuals from the power of the rich, corporations, etc.

He is consistent, and I think he probably does believe what he says he believes.

But come on, at this point in time, with globalization eating away at America, with corporate scum committing fraud after fraud, do you really want a president who thinks that free market capitalism, unhindered by that horrible government regulation, is the key to prosperity, happiness and the future?

The zeal of Paul supporters worries me, too. Not because of their enthusiasm per se, but because that enthusiasm seems too often to be based on too little understanding of the man for whom they exhibit that enthusiaism.

If you're a Rander, he's your man. If you aren't, you'd better take a long, hard look at what Ron Paul is in totality, not just in a few areas where he makes sense.

A great deal of injustice that we experience in our economic life is a direct result of the Federal Reserve and its private monopoly on our monetary system

Think about this:

For every dollar in existance, there is one dollar in debt plus interest liability. That means there is never more money in the system than is owed.

Over time the proportion of money we owe increases relative to the amount of money in the system, until a collapse becomes inevitable.

Watch this video, and you will understand what I am saying to you.

This monopolistic monetary system we have constructed literally encourages unethical and inequitable economic behavior.

But this can be changed with reform, and by legalizing monetary competition. Ron Paul is the only candidate that is addressing this absolutely crucial issue.

Ron Paul is the only candidate that is talking about real solutions that can stop what is promising to be the biggest economic downturn this generation.

For every dollar in existance, there is one dollar in debt plus interest liability. That means there is never more money in the system than is owed.

Over time the proportion of money we owe increases relative to the amount of money in the system, until a collapse becomes inevitable.
This monopolistic monetary system we have constructed literally encourages unethical and inequitable economic behavior.

I'll probably regret asking this, but what the hell does the first part have to do with the Federal Reserve? On the gold standard and with a much, much weaker "central" monetary authority in the 18th and 19th centuries, many countries racked up huge debts.

As for the second part, exatcly how does this system "encourage" unethical/inequitable conduct to any greater degree than any other form of free market capitalism?

This whole Fed Reserve/gold standard shtick is something else. If you want to read for yourself some Ron Paul economic thinking, try this.

His buddy, Lew Rockwell, says there that "A fixed money stock means that overall prices are generally more stable. The problems of inflation and business cycles disappear entirely." Really? Until we dropped the gold standard, there were no "business cycles?"

Oddly, there was a huge depression in America from 1893 to 1896 which is, I believe, a period during which we were on the gold standard.

Fine, my two cents, then: I seem to recall that campaign promises aren't worth the spacetime they inhabit, shall we?

Reagan: "Instead, let's make us a much bigger pie!"
Result: Corporate raiding. Jobs beginning to fade overseas. Standard of living takes nose dive to the pavement. Regulations are removed, allowing insanity to take place.
Score: -4

Bush: "Read my lips."
Result: Tax hike anyways.
Score: -5

Clinton: "We will do something about health care!"
Result: First lady ends up pissing off insurance and Big Pharma. No reforms. No universal health care. Doctors have MORE paperwork to deal with.
Score: -26

Birdbrain: "Compassionate conservatism"
Result: Italy, 1936.
Score: -1.41 x 10(97)

Anyone else wanna share?

Wake up America! Educate yourself! If you want to know why Ron Paul wants to get rid of the Federal Reserve and the IRS, visit and check out Aaron Russo's documentary, "America, From Freedom To Fascism" Bulk order it for $1.25 each and send it to your non-computer literate baby boomer friends, heck, all of your friends and relatives!
WE THE PEOPLE need to take back our Republic!
(BTW, I'm 62 years old)