And then again, we may reason to celebrate after all!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007 at 01:55 PM

This time of year is about celebrating, right? Couldn't think of a better thing to throw a party over: Florida congressman Robert Wexler is proposing we impeach old Chainsaw McGraw! Wow!....

Go here to read the story from The Miami Herald, as it seems a new website is up and humming, to get contributors, yes, but more, show our 2nd-phase rubber stamp congress...we, the people...have had it!
''Our Constitution mandates that the House of Representatives hold presidents and vice presidents accountable when they commit high crimes,'' Wexler says in a video on the site, which suggests, among other things, that Cheney manipulated intelligence to boost the case for war against Iraq and was involved in the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame.

Within two days of posting, Wexler said he had surpassed his goal of 50,000 signatures and is aiming for 250,000. He's written an op-ed article with two fellow members of the House Judiciary committee, calling for hearings into whether Cheney violated the Constitution.

Whether? I call it fire-trucking obvious. Let's do it this way: What hasn't he done to make us think he's the real Darth Vader?

Though the push is, as Wexler acknowledges, a ''huge uphill battle,'' because House leadership has not been interested, the quest has made him a favorite of left-leaning activists.
Ah, the right-wing leaning media mechanism. Since when was defiance of the law a strictly liberal thing? Answer: When it annoys the righties, of course.

It will be interesting to watch, as Dennis K's efforts promptly went nowhere, especially when congress is being run by Boris and Natasha, mmm? (Which, sadly, brings to mind the horrific concept that our government these days is one long Bullwinkle episode??)

What will be worth watching, from here, will be the reaction of our beloved PR machine, aka, the MSM. Oh, well, we shall see what we shall see.

Impeach Dead-eye Dick? And why not? Make a lovely Christmas gift, I think!