What Attracts the Racists to Ron Paul?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008 at 09:24 PM

Okay, let's accept for the moment that Dr. Ron Paul, candidate for the Republican nomination for President, is not, was not, and will not be a racist on the personal level. I'm willing to accept the word of the head of the NAACP branch in Austin, TX to that effect. Let's also accept that such candidates are not personally responsible for which groups of people choose to support them. That still leaves me with the question, "Exactly why is it that so many racists find Paul such an attractive candidate?"

And no, I'm not stretching or exaggerating the fact that racists seem drawn to Paul. For example, the Ohio KKK web site contains a posting, dated October 22, 2007, touting Paul's positions on health care freedom, and closes with "imagine what he will do as president." This is followed by a link to Ron Paul's web site, specifically to the donation page. There is a similar funding appeal on what appears to be the national KKK site.

And of course there's Stormfront, the White racist site that hit the news when Paul declined to give back its donation to his campaign. Stormfront pretty much loves Ron Paul. One thread on the site asks, "Which candidate is worthy of our vote?" It's Ron Paul all the way. A comment on that thread says:

Every one of us needs to be working on this campaign in some way. It's not enough to vote for Ron Paul. You have to make sure that the votes are counted. There were discrepancys in New hamshire.I had gotten confrimation today about that from my distrcits ron paul meet up people. In some districts the campaign will be doing independent exit polling to see if the counts match up to the votes cast. They will be focusing on distrcits that have large numbers of constituents I am going to try to work on one of these exist poll things in my area. Constant pressure needs to be on the media. You have to tell your friends and shake people up. Adapt your message about ron paulk to the one issue voters on abortion. This will take votes away from prolife Huckabee. Immigration! No one else in the republican party really has a solid message about that. Liberals who oppose the war. talk to them even though I know most of us really don't want to. I mean this guy needs more publicity! He needs Us. He needs the dedication and energy of all of us so that the people can elect him. This cant end even after the primary is over.
And there are plenty of other examples.

So what's the attraction? Thomas B. Edsall, at Huffington Post, says:

Through no fault of his own, Rep. Ron Paul's anti-globalist, anti-government campaign for the Republican presidential nomination has become a magnet in neo-Nazi networks, pulling in activists and supporters from the fringe white nationalist community where anti-Semitism, anti-black and anti-immigrant views are commonplace.

In some cases, these internet-based activists acknowledge that even though the Paul campaign does not have a racist or anti-Semitic agenda, it can serve as a vehicle to find sympathizers and to recruit new loyalists drawn to the Republican congressman's opposition to international trade agreements, federal police authority and to the income tax.

Such web-based organizations as Stormfront (motto: "White Pride, World Wide"), Vanguard News Network ("No Jews. Just Right.") and the Nationalist Coalition ("working to create the relationships that will lay the foundation for the White community that is necessary to our survival") have become sources of support for Paul's bid for the Republican nomination, and in some cases have set up separate Ron Paul discussion groups.

The Paul campaign dismissed the pro-Paul activities among these groups. "We don't know who these people are," said Jesse Benton, Paul's communications director. Their support has "nothing to do with Ron Paul, and what he stands for....His message of freedom, peace and prosperity - that's why people support him."

Paul has not made racist or anti-Semitic appeals to the controversial organizations and their members. Instead, their support is based on Paul's libertarian opposition to government generally, including the IRS and the powers granted to the federal government under the Patriot Act - views that are shared by many on the conservative fringe of the spectrum.

This is more or less the explanation offered up at the web site of Lew Rockwell, Paul's former staffer and his very good friend, in an article by C.J. Maloney. Relevant excerpts:
For Americans, Neo-Nazi affiliations are about as palatable in their political candidate as child molesting – and no doubt that is a good thing. For many, including me, it is a deal breaker.

I’ve a boatload of money tied up in Ron Paul – I’m an investor if you please – and his receiving support from Stormfront caused me to re-evaluate my support for him. I needed to perform some extra due diligence to see if I backed the wrong horse, I needed to put my mind at ease, or else no sleep for me.

The website for Stormfront [a White supremacist site] has a discussion board where members can exchange ideas, and I figured it would be there that I could find an answer to my why, and hopefully it would be one that would allow me to get a good night’s sleep again.


Stormfront’s support of Ron Paul is so strong, in fact, that they actually have a link to his website on their website. (It was like finding a rose in an outhouse.) The white supremacists on the site have a lot to say about Ron Paul; one thread I was reading ran to over 660 pages. Their interest in him has been noted. Every news reporter who wants to take an easy smack at Ron Paul lets loose with a breezy, over the shoulder "by the way, neo-Nazi websites are big fans of his" on their way out the door, leaving unanswered the question of why but leaving behind sinister implications for Ron Paul.


The reasons given as to why white supremacists support Ron Paul are several, but the biggest seems to be the war in Iraq and our foreign policy in general, particularly if it in any way involves Israel. The war in Iraq is seen by Stormfront to be a war on behalf of Israel, who is seen as having far too much influence on America’s foreign policy.

Ron Paul has spoken about Israel’s inordinate influence on our foreign policy and the foolishness of the war in Iraq many times. He has based his stance on his reading of the Constitution and our Founders warning against foreign entanglements. What does differentiate Stormfront’s opposition to the Iraq War and our foreign aid to Israel from Ron Paul’s is that their stance is based on their hatred of Jews, not their love of the Constitution or peace.


While Thunderhead [a Stormfront poster] might support Ron Paul’s opposition to the Fed, and other members of Stormfront might support Ron Paul on a variety of issues, they do so on completely separate ideological grounds than Dr. Paul. This is an important distinction. Thunderhead might be a very strong supporter of the Fed – if only it was white bigots using it to steal from the Jews. Ron Paul would not support the Fed, even if it sent him a monthly stipend like clockwork.

The fact that Stormfront agrees with Ron Paul on certain policy stances in no way proves that Ron Paul is a racist bigot. On each point I found that Stormfront applauds his stance, it is a coincidental match-up of two opposing ideologies. For some further examples, they support his stance to dissolve the income tax, not because they agree with Ron Paul that it’s a subtle form of slavery, but because "that means we stop subsidizing minorities." They support his stance of opposition to "Hate Crime" laws, not because they share his belief that it makes citizens unequal before the law, but because it was passed to favor minorities and gays.


Ron Paul’s 100% priority is the preservation of our Constitution, and by odd coincidence this posture has made him the "least toxic candidate" to Stormfront – and to me. But an odd coincidence is all it is. Ron Paul’s policy proposals spring from a desire for justice and equality, not from a desire to stick it to any racial group.


Interestingly, while you will find plenty of foaming-at-the-mouth racist tirades on Stormfront’s discussion boards, you will also find many postings by people who sound like they’d be well spoken and calm, even while they were burning a cross on your front lawn. As for their support of Ron Paul and its reasonableness, one poster in particular hit the nail right on its head.

"Concerned Human" completely recognizes the ideological chasm that separates Ron Paul from Stormfront. He posted "Ron Paul is not a White Nationalist. His Libertarian policies will also conflict with National Socialism, something that a good number of us support."


Concerned Human gets a gold star medal and a bumper sticker for his parent’s car that reads "My son is an A+ student, White Pride!" because he’s absolutely correct. With every point of connection between Ron Paul and Stormfront, the connection is one of practicality, not ideology. While Stormfront agrees with enough of Ron Paul’s positions to lend him their support, they do it as a temporary, tactical move; they are climbing into bed with a strange bedfellow, one who is as different to them as night is to day.


Yes, you are free to be a racist in Ron Paul’s world. Every member of Stormfront can get excited – after a Ron Paul victory you can run out and put up a sign in front of your store that reads "No Blacks Allowed" and you would be well within your rights. After all, it is your property to do with what you please, just like the African-American gentleman who owns the store across the street from you, the one with the sign that reads "No Whites Allowed."

And in Ron Paul’s world he, like you, would be well within his rights to act abhorrently – Ron Paul referred to racism as a "sin of the heart" – and you would suffer penalty of law if you tried to stop him from doing as he pleases with his property.

Of all the variations of ideology, none so far has struck me to be less likely to allow racist legislation than classic liberalism. Libertarians, for the most part, don’t even discuss race; seeing people as individuals rather than as members of a group makes it an odd subject to write about. To a logically consistent libertarian, race simply shouldn’t matter; separating people on the basis of skin tone is arbitrary and irrational. Why not hair color? Eye color? Wealth? Height?

My three-year-old son is black; my wife is black, too. I have a vested interest in making sure our laws view all men as equal, regardless of skin tone. Martin Luther King had a dream, and I share it, too.

We Irish have a saying, "if you don’t like me than leave me alone." I live in a mostly black neighborhood with a black wife and our son. I’m sure that some neighbors dislike me straight off because of my skin tone, but I am blessed to live among people who, if they do dislike me, show enough good manners to keep it to themselves and leave me in peace. And that is all I ask for.

If a Ron Paul president simply does his job, performs his sworn duty to the Constitution and nothing more, should he do that then I don’t have to worry about Jim Crow crawling back out from under its rock. And that is all I ask for.

To all the people at Stormfront, and to white supremacists everywhere, should you wish for a country where everyone is equal before the law, regardless of their race, then by all means Ron Paul is your logical choice. Send Dr. Paul your money, your support, and your best wishes. But should you wish to one day stroll arm and arm with Jim Crow again, there is nothing for you here.

It probably doesn't help that Paul has spoken at events such as the New Hampshire Liberty Forum which offered John McManus, President of the John Birch Society, as another speaker. A commenter on Positive Liberty notes that "[Paul] lost me last weekend at the New Hampshire Liberty Forum, when the head of the John Birch Society was his warm-up speaker."

It probably does not help that the NH Liberty Forum was centered at a hotel where one correspondent says:

That night there were literally dozens of people wandering around the hotel openly carrying their sidearms, something we freedom lovers like to do whenever possible. It appears that some of John McCain’s staff, who were also staying in the hotel, complained, and the hotel asked us not to openly carry them. After hearing that, some people disarmed themselves, but most, including myself, simply concealed their firearms.
It probably does not help that Paul has endorsed the views expressed in such books as Thomas E. Woods' Politically Incorrect Guide to American History, which is awfully friendly to the confederate south and slavery. Here's the blurb from Paul on the book's cover:
Knowing our past is essential if we are to preserve our freedoms. Professor Woods's work heroically rescues real history from the politically correct memory hole. Every American should read this book.
It probably doesn't help that in October, 2007, a spambot peppered e-mail accounts all over the country with messages "promoting U.S. presidential candidate Ron Paul. The spam run continued until Tuesday, October 30, when it stopped as suddenly as it began. At the same time, political blogs began to light up, accusing the campaign (or at least its ardent supporters) of running a criminal botnet for political purposes..."

It probably doesn't help that Paul's buddy Lew Rockwell says things like the Black employees who claimed Microsoft was guilty of race discrimination weren't believable for the simple reason that:

Anyone who knows anything about the culture of the technology business knows that the claim of invidious discrimination is absurd. This is an industry where traditional indicators like social status, dress, education, national origin, and race, mean nothing. Performance is everything. You are hired, promoted, and paid according to your ability.
And it certainly doesn't help that newsletters with his name published the racist, anti-Semitic, etc. comments that were the subject of a different post on WTW. In fact, the newsletters seem to be targeting the very racist groups that now find Paul attractive.

But most of all, if you ask me, the attraction of the racists to candidate Paul is explained by the fact that Paul's policies, if ever enacted, would leave minorities completely without the protection of the federal government, the very unit that has been crucial to bestowing equality and enforcing that equality against the very folks who populate the racist groups. If candidate Paul had his policies fully enacted, there would be no anti-discrimination laws, there would be no hate crime laws, and there would be a ton of heavily armed, angry white males looking to get even for past "grievances" they perceive to have been inflicted on their race.

And I wondered why it is that the racist groups have no trouble understanding that this would be the consequences of Paul's policies, while Paul, Lew Rockwell, and the other Mises Institute intellects claim not to see that at all. Then I remembered: these people don't see "groups" they only see individuals. And, apparently, when they look into their crystal ball, they see only one crazed armed individual facing off with another crazed armed individual.

And wouldn't the "market" solve that problem by leaving one of those individuals dead, thus out of the equation.


What attracts a son of Mexican migrants to Ron Paul?

A dirty little secret.

youtube this:
Dirty Little Secret - Universal Healthcare? Social Security?

All the candidates don't get it. Do your homework, research history, and be good at math. America can not grow economically out of the devaluation of the dollar.

America, we're bankrupt.

My hero, Ron Paul.

I, son of Mexican migrants.

I'm a Paul supporter. This is a well written piece questioning the motives of some with views that most of us in the freedom movement view as abhorrent. I hope other Doc Paul supporters don't come in here talking trash and running the author down, but there are a lot people worried that the message of liberty and constitutionalism will not be heard because of too much focus on things that Dr. Paul has never supported.

I think the attraction is quite simple, most of the people in these anti-"X" movements are as tired of government intrusion as the rest of us. They have been victims of the successors of cointelpro, the patriot act, and infiltration by agent provocateurs. They are victims of taxation, inflation, and intrusion; just like the rest of us. On top of this they tend to be more paranoid about government intrusion, and are fully aware that most of the population could give a damn whether they are screwed over by the government.

Since Dr. Paul advocates getting government out of the lives of individuals, since Dr. Paul advocates de-funding of government power, since Dr. Paul doesn't believe in governmental favor towards any group, since Dr. Paul doesn't advocate governmental interference with people for anything other than their actions (and not their views) these "hate" groups are attracted to his message.

As for your market comparison of Dr. Paul's views, that's wildly outlandish and not his views at all.

"...But most of all, if you ask me, the attraction of the racists to candidate Paul is explained by the fact that Paul's policies, if ever enacted, would leave minorities completely without the protection of the federal government, the very unit that has been crucial to bestowing equality and enforcing that equality against the very folks who populate the racist groups. If candidate Paul had his policies fully enacted, there would be no anti-discrimination laws, there would be no hate crime laws, and there would be a ton of heavily armed, angry white males looking to get even for past "grievances" they perceive to have been inflicted on their race...."

Proof that ignorance is bliss. If an angry man (white, if you discriminate by race)were to shoot an innocent person in a 'Ron Paul' type of society - that person would be held personally accountable for their action. It doesn't require the status of 'minority group' to get special protection from violence in libertarian thought. All it takes it to be alive. Try thinking BEFORE you write!

I vote for virtue; I vote for Ron Paul.

The Bankruptcy of this nation is more important than squabbling colors.

The race issue is going to be well down the list of disaster control for the next president.

Funny that my book is said to be "awfully friendly to the confederate south and slavery." Let me take a wild guess: you've never even held my book in your hands, have you? Yes, the book agrees with Thomas Jefferson that the states had the right to secede without being invaded. Gee, sorry for not repeating what you learned in fourth grade. Can't have an unconventional thought, ever!

But I'd love to hear even one sentence from my book that is kind to slavery. Even one sentence. That should be easy enough to produce, since I'm "awfully friendly" to it. But you won't because you can't. I've written that the slaves had the right to kill their masters and seize their property. You consider that "awfully friendly" to slavery, huh?

I've just proven that this guy is a liar and propagandist. No need to read a single thing he writes. (Also, I don't think ThomasEWoods.com really supports his position.)

Buddy, you need to go and do your homework on Economics 101. Furthermore you provide no logical premise to draw the conclusion that "there would be a ton of angry white males" carrying around their guns looking for redress of past grievance. Your wife and your child are not served by any of anti-discrimination laws in today's society. Those laws simply replace the cost of discriminating in the first place. What you are saying is like saying that the people benefited by the minimum wage are of more significance than those who are left unemployed by it. (If that doesn't make sense, please re-read my first sentence). But what you don't understand is that when the minimum wage was passed, people sued because they lost their jobs and they argued, " It is my right to sell my labor for less than you say I can sell it for." The only thing you are saying is that Blacks are more equal than whites BECAUSE OF PAST GRIEVANCES. The difference is that in your world a ton of whites may get a ton of guns and go lynch a bunch of blacks. In MY world, the federal government IS the ton of guns, and the federal government DID usurp everyone's rights.

Finally, the fact that you see groups plays to your IRISH heritage and your BLACK wife and son. You delineate between all of these "groups". I could care less if you are Irish, your wife is black, or you f*ck goats. That, buddy, is what makes you the worst bigot of all: The kind of bigot who doesn't even realize that they are themselves a bigot.

This is a huge write up on something very simple.

You ask, "Why are so many racists attracted to Ron Paul?"

One word..

Freedom IS popular. People just want to be left alone and have the right to live the way they want, and believe what they want as so it is within the law. People want this corrupt Government and mainstream media lies out of their lives.

I am supprised this fact is so elusive to so many. If you don't understand why racists are attracted, then you don't understand the fact Ron Paul is EVERY Americans only real choice.

Why is the mainstream media not addressing Obamas Church? McCains clear race hating comment? O wait, it's not the right race? How about Fred Thompsons race hating comment? When has Ron Paul ever been heard to speak anything but unity in freedom for all races?
Please America, please wake up. This whole subject is a waiste of time in a attempt to disrupt Rons supporters.

Sure, let's talk about racism....

It's easy to worry about what might happen, but what about looking at the ongoing institutionalized racism that has resulted from the War on Drugs? This has been FAR worse than what you speak of.

Where's the outcry against all the racists who voted in favor of continuing the War on Drugs?

Where's the outcry against all the racists who voted in favor of expanding the War on Drugs?

Where's the outcry against all the racist candidates who refuse to speak out against the War on Drugs?

The candidates are simply not being held to the same standard.

Anyone who supports for Obama simply because he is black is a racist. People who support Ron Paul do so because he advocates Constitutional government. Pure and simple. We can't help it if that idea attracts some moron racists. They are a tiny minority of his supporters. People supporting Obama because of his race way outnumber the racists who are attracted to Ron Paul's message.

The article's conclusion is absurd. The Constitution protects each person's rights equally. Do we currently protect each person's rights equally? Your suggesting that Ron Paul would remove legislation that would protect a person's rights, this is simply not true. This is most likely from your inability to research before you write articles, or perhaps your inability to form unbiased logical conclusions after research rather than forming conclusions based on earlier contrived thoughts.

I also wonder how many corrupt business men give to the other candidates... I wonder why... but that wouldn't be such an attention getting headline, now would it. It's all about "racism", when we all know that bigotry in some form is alive and well in each of us.

Just look at all the headlines... Obama is black, it's his turn to be President... Clinton is a woman, is America ready. News headlines hint at bigotry continually, yet are they called on it. And just think how shallow all this is when considering one of these people will be our next president. It's not about skin color or gender. This is make or break... our country may go under this decade if the right president is not chosen.

You've given several good explanations for white supremacists' support of Ron Paul. Let me propose another one.

Thanks to their hero Mr. Hitler, white supremacists have absolutely no chance of attaining political power in the conceivable future. They are never going to be more than a radical fringe group, and they know it (even if some of their opponents do not). The threat of fascism today comes from the 'normal' part of the population that supports things like the Patriot Act and torture at Gitmo, not from these oddballs. If America does turn fascist, these guys will probably be among the first locked up.

So while white supremacists do not believe in liberty, it's in their interests to support liberty now. And since Paul offers them liberty, it's in their interest to support him. Three examples:

Paul is against racial legislation, a position directly opposite to theirs. But because racial legislation in today's context means affirmative action, their agendas coincide.

Paul is for freedom of speech, a position directly opposite to theirs. But that makes him an opponent of anti-hate laws, so again their agendas coincide.

Paul is for equal rights, including political rights, for all Americans, again a position directly opposite to that of white supremacists. But that means he will let them contribute to, endorse, and even work on his campaign (so long as they advocate his 'message, not theirs): something no other politician in the race, for all their lip service to equal rights, would be willing to do.

Different people are attracted to Ron Paul for different reasons. As a Muslim American I can clearly see how the American foreign policy has been hijacked by a special interest at the expense of the future well being of all Americans including myself. Imperial over stretch is breaking our nations back. Someone like Ron Paul or a future group of Paulite leaders may be able to control the damage and try to bring some order back in this house on fire.

Is there any Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Far-right supremacists or any American, who is not worried about their future? What will happen to our currency, will we have enough to get by when we retire, will there still be social security or will it be totally bankrupt - the government and its spending, for foreign policy, for welfare or for any of the myriad other programs have become too large. This is the real issue, how difficult is it for us to understand that it is not sound policy to borrow and spend now and bankrupt future generation of Americans, this is what is at stake. As the nation goes bankrupt, all of its citizens including myself will become poor, ultimately it is about our wallet. Of course the wealthy and super rich who are benefiting from current govt. policies will be ok, but 90-95% Americans will take a hit.

If white supremacists are attracted to Ron Paul's policies, despite ideological differences, it only shows the soundness of his policies, which can attract such a diverse group of people.

If everyone in America understood his policy clearly, if the media gave him some attention, I am sure he would easily win the Primary and become the President. It will not happen because the media is controlled by corporate interests and the military industrial complex which is sucking America dry and ruining its future prospects as a nation in the 21st century. The real tragedy is that most people living outside the US, who have some clue, can see this very well and are saddened to see this happen to this once great and generous nation. The competing powers are of course happy to see the downfall of the overbearing lone super power.

In this day and age people find it hard to believe that a large, educated, developed, free and democratic nation like America could be turned into a zombie with the help of think tanks and media propaganda, that by controlling sources of information a manufactured reality could be implanted in peoples mind and people would get comfortable living in this false reality - but this is the reality we live in. Very strange times indeed. The movie called Matrix was not so far fetched after all.

I used to be quite depressed thinking about the future of this country, only in the last two weeks I found out about Ron Paul and his movement which has galvanized the concerned citizens from a number of diverse groups. This gives me hope that if the Ron Paul movement succeeds, even if it takes 10 years, eventually America will be able to over throw this evil from within, become free again and do things that are for the true best interest of this nations citizens and their future generations. This by default will be a welcome relief for the rest of the world which currently watches this 800 pound gorilla with weary and amazed eyes, as it bumbles around the world as if it has become blind or completely lost its senses.

Our wayward nation will eventually come to its senses when sufficient number of citizens start suffering from the breakdown of the system. My guess is that this has already started to happen and it will get worse in the next 5-10 years. The Ron Paul movement and its members has to be ready to step in, perhaps from within the Republican party, to take back the leadership of this nation to steer it in the right direction in this critical juncture of American history.

Please google: Alex Jones for two segments on his KLBJ Sunday radio show, Austin, Tx, 1/13/08. Part of the conversation is listed below.

NAACP President: Ron Paul Is Not A Racist
Linder says Paul being smeared because he is a threat to the establishmentAustin NAACP President Nelson Linder, who has known Ron Paul for 20 years, unequivocally dismissed charges that the Congressman was a racist in light of recent smear attempts, and said the reason for him being attacked was that he was a threat to the establishment.

Linder has known Paul for 20 yrs and said he is not a racist. Dr. Paul sees everyone as individuals. Each individual's civil liberties should be protected and is part of Paul's political platform.

Of course, after this radio show interview with the NAACP President (Austin), you will not see the national media pick this up, because this repudiates unequivically that Ron Paul is not a racist.

The media is trying to choose our President. Don't let them. Be a part of the Ron Paul revolution. End the war. Bring troops home from around the world.

Hey Lee,
Do you happen to know, what is the most "powerful weapon" of all?
Right, you are "IGNORANCE" of all!

The media stereotypes Ron Paul followers only to give the masses of the "sheeple" out there in "tv land" misinformation. I'm not a racist but I don't tolerate stupid commentators which is why I search for true news instead of the mainstream garbage broadcast on big corporate television networks.

There are groups of extremists who support each and every candidate. Would you call all of those who support McCain, warmongers? After all, he does believe in bombing the entire world in order to rid us of those pesky elusive terrorists!

As a supporter of Ron Paul I believe as he does. WE THE PEOPLE have a right to be governed by the Constitution and not by big business who have enslaved us. The US does not have the right nor the financial means to be "big brother" to every nation in the world. This nation has become an empire and we only need to look at history to find that empires have not faired well over the eons.

NONE of the other candidates are about real change even though you hear that word often enough from each of their lips. The change we need is to use The Constitution to rule this country again. The only candidate advocating this type of change and therefore the only one worth supporting is Ron Paul.


Let's acknowledge that Lee Russ's question is entirely a valid one which should be asked and answered i.e. "What Attracts the Racists to Ron Paul?"

My question is this:

How come nobody in the media ever asks a COMPARABLE question when LEFT-WINGERS are supported by Marxists, Communists, Communist sympathizers, or other radicals?

In other words, how come we never discuss the following questions (for example):

1. Why did the CPUSA endorse and urge Party members to support Martin Luther King Jr.?

2. Why did Communists and Communist sympathizers praise and support the election and re-election of Cong. Adam Clayton Powell (NY), Mayor Coleman Young (Detroit MI), Cong. Ron Dellums (CA), Mayor Tom Bradley (Los Angeles CA) and many other prominent American politicians?

I hate the fact that these immature petty groups are backing Ron but my take on it is - Even though a broken clock is right twice a day it is still not worth looking at.

We as a society should ignore them and what they think. To give them attention is to give them some validity which they do not and should not have.

Why are some racists attracted to the Ron Paul campaign? As a Libertarian, I know Ron Paul's philosophy cannot allow any personal racism, primarily because Libertarians see people as individuals, not groups, but also because of the simple idea that you can only claim as much Freedom as you are willing to give the next person. Libertarianism has a high Moral factor: It is wrong to steal from another whether you are an individual, a group, or a group that calls yourselves a "Government". It is also wrong to use the initiation of Force, or threat of Force to acheive Social or Political ends.
One answer to the question is this: "organized racists" do fundamentally love their country and are concerned for it's future.
Ron Paul is the only Presidential Candidate who is concerned first and formost about the future of this country and wants to make the changes necessary to stem our approaching implosion.

Lee Russ,

I am sick and tired of trying to defend Dr Paul against attacks like yours against him. You sir are no journalist, you are a sick and attention demanding shock journalist that can't get attention by reporting or discussing intelligent news so instead you have to fabricate a "horror" story about a good and intelligent man.

Racists are NOT attracted to Dr Paul. You site one POST (let's see, a post is a invisible person with a screenname that can say or makeup anything they want) and one idiot from Stormfront that agrees with Dr Paul. Geez, Lee, good work you sited 2 people (one anomomous) out of hundreds of thousand of Ron Paul supporters that are average Americans and used those 2 people to try to call Dr Paul a racist????

Do journalists like yourself really think that the American people have STUPID written on their foreheads?? You sir are TRASH, INSANE, an IDIOT, a RACIST and a TRAITOR and should be committed if you truly believe what you print. There you go, you now have one of the two comments that another journalist needs to put you into the "Insane,Idiotic, Racist and Traito" category because I said so.

As to the few comments worth a response:

If white supremacists are attracted to Ron Paul's policies, despite ideological differences, it only shows the soundness of his policies, which can attract such a diverse group of people.

If you believe that....

Racists are NOT attracted to Dr Paul. You site one POST (let's see, a post is a invisible person with a screenname that can say or makeup anything they want) and one idiot from Stormfront that agrees with Dr Paul.

You should try reading the post which prompts you to call people "TRASH, INSANE, an IDIOT, a RACIST and a TRAITOR." (I wonder why people get the impression that a lot of Paul supporters are unhinged?). Stormfront is filled with posts and comments to those posts fervently supporting Paul. And besides the Ohio and national KKK, there is widespread Paul support among many other extremist, racist groups.

In other words, how come we never discuss the following questions (for example):

1. Why did the CPUSA endorse and urge Party members to support Martin Luther King Jr.?

2. Why did Communists and Communist sympathizers praise and support the election and re-election of Cong. Adam Clayton Powell (NY), Mayor Coleman Young (Detroit MI), Cong. Ron Dellums (CA), Mayor Tom Bradley (Los Angeles CA) and many other prominent American politicians?

The moment any one of those people declares their candidacy for president, any such past endorsements would hit the fan faster than a track & fielder on steroids.

Finally, the fact that you see groups plays to your IRISH heritage and your BLACK wife and son. You delineate between all of these "groups". I could care less if you are Irish, your wife is black, or you f*ck goats. That, buddy, is what makes you the worst bigot of all: The kind of bigot who doesn't even realize that they are themselves a bigot.

Say what? The person who is, as you say, IRISH with a BLACK wife and son is C.J. Maloney, the author of the post on Lew Rockwell's site. If that did describe me, I still wouldn't know what the hell you were talking about.

I hope other Doc Paul supporters don't come in here talking trash and running the author down,...

Thanks, I appreciate the thought. But as you can see...

Funny that my book is said to be "awfully friendly to the confederate south and slavery." Let me take a wild guess: you've never even held my book in your hands, have you?

Absolutely correct, Mr. Woods (I presume)--never read it, don't particularly plan on reading it, and, in fact, don't plan on reading any of the other "Politicially Incorrect Guide" texts from Regnery.

I have read several reviews of the book, both favorable and unfavorable, and assume that descriptions of the book's contents are generally acccurate, though I'm sure you dispute many of the conclusions of the critical reviewers (including several from the conservative/libertarian wing of life).

And I note that you object only to my reference to being "friendly...to slavery," not to being friendly to the confederate South. Given the role that slavery played in maintaining the culture and econoomics of that confederate South, I fail to see how you can be so friendly to the South without also being pretty friendly to the institution on which it rested.

I also note that your statement "I've written that the slaves had the right to kill their masters and seize their property" does not say that you did this in the Politically Incorrect..." book. ????

I guess we could ask the same question about Hillary? Or Obama? But do we? Why don't you?

And Shut the hell up about Ron Paul. It's like picking on Mother Theresa and it makes YOU LOOK BAD.

Hillary Picks La Raza Leader As Campaign Co Chair
Thu, 04/12/2007
The former president of an extremist group that organized many of the country's disruptive pro illegal immigration marches and advocates the return of the American Southwest to Mexico will co-chair Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.
Best known for his radical pro Chicano work during 30 years as president of the National Council of La Raza, Raul Yzaguirre is being promoted by the Clinton campaign as a prominent Hispanic activist who will lead the New York senator's outreach to Hispanic voters.
The reality is that Yzaguirre alienates many American citizens of Hispanic descent (in other words, those qualified to vote) with his so-called La Raza rhetoric, which has been repeatedly labeled racist.
The National Council of La Raza describes itself as the largest Latino civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States, but it caters to the radical Chicano movement that says California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and parts of Colorado and Texas belong to Aztlan.
The takeover plan is referred to as the "reconquista" of the Western U.S. and it features ethnic cleansing of Americans, Europeans, Africans and Asians once the area is taken back and converted to Aztlan.
While this may all sound a bit crazy, this organization is quite powerful (thanks to Hillary's new campaign co-chair) and annually receives millions of dollars in federal grants. Its leaders also managed to get included in congressional hearings regarding immigration. Last year alone, the National Council of La Raza received $15.2 million in federal grants and one senator gave the group an extra $4 million in earmarked American taxpayer dollars.
The organization uses the money to support projects like a Southern California elementary school with a curriculum that specializes in bashing America and promoting the Chicano movement. The school's founder and principal, a Calexico-educated activist named Marcos Aguilar, opposes racial integration and says Mexicans in the U.S. don't want to go to white schools or drink from white water fountains.

Hillary also is known for having a foul mouth and hurling anti-semitic language at Jews.


I guess it's more dangerous for some obscure person in the USA to support RP than the whole communist party who said they'd love either Hillary or Obama as president.

Shyah right!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Hillary and Obama who are the dangerous ones.


Note that the folks at Reason have reason to think that the author of the offensive quotes in the newsletters is none other Lew Rockwell, Paul's former Chief of Staff, a current fan and supporter of Paul, and a fellow member of the von Mises Institute:

... in interviews with reason, a half-dozen longtime libertarian activists--including some still close to Paul--all named the same man as Paul's chief ghostwriter: Ludwig von Mises Institute founder Llewellyn Rockwell, Jr.

Financial records from 1985 and 2001 show that Rockwell, Paul's congressional chief of staff from 1978 to 1982, was a vice president of Ron Paul & Associates, the corporation that published the Ron Paul Political Report and the Ron Paul Survival Report. The company was dissolved in 2001. During the period when the most incendiary items appeared--roughly 1989 to 1994--Rockwell and the prominent libertarian theorist Murray Rothbard championed an open strategy of exploiting racial and class resentment to build a coalition with populist "paleoconservatives," producing a flurry of articles and manifestos whose racially charged talking points and vocabulary mirrored the controversial Paul newsletters recently unearthed by The New Republic.

If this is true, the racist newsletter crap was part of an attempt to "build the movement." Which was apparently successful, given the degree of support that the racists exhibit for Paul.

And if Rockwell was writing the stuff, I do not for one moment believe that Paul was unaware of the content--Rockwell and Paul are too close, in addition to the many other reasons to doubt that Paul could possibly have remained unaware of the content of newsletters bearing his name.

And if Paul was aware of the content, and denies it now.....

What attacts racists to RP?

"My enemy's enemy is my pal."

RP is a libertarian, it's anarchy with a side order of decorum. The racist goons adore his stand on, well, basically undoing everything done to date, and if such fits their plans, lovely.

Oh, well.


Everything you need to know about Ron Paul, and his racist links/newsletters is in the above link. Such as this info:

"Now comes the revelation that one of Paul's organizers in Michigan -- a man he's seen posing with in the photo below, located on the michigan4ronpaul.com site -- is also a notorious neo-Nazi and Klan organizer in that neck of the woods."

and this:

"Even more revealing, perhaps, is the reportage from Julian Sanchez and David Weigel of Reason regarding the chief authorship of the newsletters. as was hinted at earlier, it was none other than Lew Rockwell.."

Yawn.........If this is all you can come up with at a smear attempt on Dr. Paul, you'll have much more smear material with Guliani, Thompson, McCain and Huck. You might even come off as credible as far as smear attempts go. :)

The same thing that attracts Muslims, Blacks, Hispanics, and every other manufactured 'group' of people across the board. They realize that the ship is sinking and they want the government out of their wallet, war, and bedroom and to save their currency before government deficit spending and the Fed destroy what is left of it.

As Reagan said, Government can't solve the problem, Government is the problem.


"Now comes the revelation that one of Paul's organizers in Michigan -- a man he's seen posing with in the photo below, located on the michigan4ronpaul.com site -- is also a notorious neo-Nazi and Klan organizer in that neck of the woods."

First you guys bitch about certain American citizens donating to political campaigns; now you have a problem with certain American citizens working on political campaigns, too?

I agree with Ron Paul: if these guys want to put their time and money into promoting liberty, and not into promoting racial hatred, that's something to welcome and encourage.

Ron Paul stands for Liberty. None of the other candidates ever talks about Freedom &, or Liberty from governmental tyranny & servitude. The so called Liberals are the racists. They say that because I am black, that I am too stupid to compete and contribute to our society without their enlightened help and government cheese. I don't want their help or their pity. I'd just like my freedom and for them to take, and waste fewer of my tax dollars.
No Nanny State, Freedom for All!

Do Ron Paul's ideas stand on their own? Because, for me, a presidential race is all about the ideas that are going to be enacted into policy.
It's interesting to see what you purport to be "the" actual KKK website.
Thanks for linking to it. (It wasn't high up in the search results for "KKK", it was more than 6 page results from the first page, and there were several other KKK pages that came back before the "knights of the KKK" page that you linked to. Makes me think you had to do some digging now that Ron Paul has publicly and clearly disavowed racism, and noted that it is collectivist in nature.) Some observations: A guy named Dale Fox castigates blacks in a mock "apology" to blacks in America. (He asserts that blacks are inferior, and apologizes for civilizing them, in typical white racist fashion.) Dale is all worked up over affirmative action, and the notion that white government was created (in his thinking) to give make-work jobs to blacks.
Ironically, Dale Fox says that "the white man" taught blacks how to read, and then goes on to make a simple English error in his apology essay. (It's while he's complaining that blacks outcompeted whites in sports, making the claim that they are more "savage" and didn't follow the rules, so whites were forced to invent the "roughing rule" and the "taunting the quarterback rule". ...Sounds like somebody got his ass pounded in a football game! LOL! His words: "...that we had to implement because of you're savage nature." ..."Because of YOU ARE savage nature?" LOL!) Moreover, although Dale seems pretty angry at blacks for mooching science and western civilization from whites, he ironically seems to not have the slightest clue what "western civilization" is all about. He attributes the success of western civilization to religion (Christianity of course).

Sorry Dale.

It was individual rights protection and open market competition under the US Constitution that created western civilization. And every black and mexican libertarian understands infinitely more than your tiny brain can comprehend about western civilization. Oh, let me count the ways that you are wrong, Dale Fox!

Elements essential to western civilization:
1) A free market.
-The Klan would restrict market access to non-whites, thus making the market smaller, and thus does not understand what comprises western civilization
2) Individual freedom of choice in profession, following individual drives to accomplish an ever-increasing variety of new professions, and always improving and making obsolete earlier versions of old professions such as all-white sports that were dramatically less interesting before blacks began to dominate them. (This is the efficiency of the market at directing resources where they do the most good, through competition.) KKKDale would eliminate rap music, basketball, jazz, and all other black innovations from western civilization (as well as their corresponding market successes). I assume Fox would as well eliminate the western-style improvements to every public arena from individual blacks such as Walter Williams, a 100% all-American innovator in the realm of free market economics, etc... Fox can deny these things only because he was simply too ignorant to ever learn about them, not because they are not omnipresent in our culture.
3) A free market of ideas. Ironically, the structure of the KKK's website speaks to their lack of understanding of competitive individualist western civilization more than anything else. They seem to have ZERO understanding of "market share" and "branding", since they make it impossible to cut and paste the text of their website (It says "property of the KKK" when you try to C&P the textr on their site). On the net there are only a few reasons for doing this:
1) You have proprietary information that you wish to be available only to paying subscribers. (We can rule this out, because this is a public page, and well, if you didn't think anyone had the patience to cut and paste something with economic value, you'd have to be even dumber than the Klan.)
2) You don't want people to be able to easily disseminate what you've
written. And there are a number of reasons for this that are analyzed below. (What membership-based organization wouldn't want to get its ideas out? If the ideas are good, then wouldn't it pay to have them posted all over the net, so they can virally compete in the market of ideas, effort free? If the Klan has confidence that its ideas are valid, then it is obvious that the Klan has no understanding of network marketing and free communication, even if it does have a cursory understanding of property rights -for me but not for thee! If the Klan is too stupid to understand viral marketing then it is obvious why their membership is so small! --
2a) You fear that your ideas will attract retaliation, and you are afraid of that retaliation, so you are limiting the range of your message to just people who seek you out. (This directly contradicts the brave and bold rhetoric from people so brave they wear masks and terrorize women and children in the night with burning crosses.)
2b) You fear that your ideas will be completely discredited if they see the sunlight of the full intellectual marketplace of ideas that is online. (This also directly contradicts the brave and bold rhetoric from people so brave they wear masks and terrorize women and children in the night with burning crosses.)
2c) You fear that someone will track down the physical address of the person who wrote something so ignorant, drag you personally out into the bright daylight, and draw attention to the fact that their big black dick is ten times the size of your white micropenis.

I'll be generous and state that I think that "option 2c" is where Dale Fox runs into a little problem. You see, to him, his little world is all there is. Whites built the space shuttle, invented Jesus, and apple pie, and the negro man came to take away his Tang sandwich, his government job, and his welfare check. Whereas he would have occupied the lowest rung on the social ladder (not as an innovator, but as a shameless follower), the negro has now dominated that lower rung with their adoption of HIS (!beats chest!) un-American institutions!
Morons like KKKDale began stating that America is a christian country... (And black churches sprouted up all over America, and had better music!) Morons like him created the Prussian school system, and began cranking out obedient serfs to serve the police state... (And then those school systems were adopted and filled with blacks!) Morons like him lay claim to decentralized power, and began carrying guns when their intellect failed them... (And then "Jim Crow" ended ---in some parts of the country!---, and blacks were just as well armed, and stopped taking crap from uneducated hicks like himself!)
Well, jeepers, Dale, there are black individualists who would agree with you on the some of your "supporting details", but draw a completely different conclusion: They might conclude, as did Ayn Rand, Ron Paul, Walter Williams, John Stossel, etc. that America is an individualist capitalist nation, not a Christian collectivist nation! These individuals would be completely correct in pointing out that mindless religion, conformity to a group, and collectivism can be found all across the world including the most oppressive regimes, like the one that flourished in Europe during the inquisition. And if you know a thing about history, you'd have to admit that they know exactly what they're talking about! Religion, racism, and social collectivism have always been anti-individualist, anticapitalist, and anti-freedom. And America has always been individualist, capitalist, and free.
(For a great documentation of the many ways that the KKK is totally wrong about their theories regarding Western Civilization, I strongly recommend the book "For the New Intellectual" by Ayn Rand.)
Therefore, the idea of collectivist "civil rights" (group rights) fails for blacks, just as it does for whites. (The KKK page loudly supports the idea of "civil rights" for whites.) You see, Dale, the ideas a mind holds are what distinguish it from other minds, not other races.

Sadly, group membership will not strengthen your mind, without effort on your part. And it is effort in thinking where KKKDale's racism fails the test of rationality.

Personal, individual, effort.

The market that is western civilization would be much poorer without black contributions. Even a fool can see that. Even if blacks actually were less intelligent than whites (and they are not!), this would still be true (...less total effort and money in the system, less trade, less capitalism, less labor...). So tell me then, Dale, how is it that this simple little fact missed the observation of your keen and logical white mind?

Why do you want the government to protect your jobs?

Are you too stupid to protect them with your own skill?

Are you angry because you lost your unskilled job?

I thought it was whites (like you!) who built scientific civilization?Or did you mean... whites other than yourself? Yet if you are inferior to some whites, then it must mean that your idea of collective value is wrong! After all, if you put all the subnormal whites on an island, then they would be just as inferior and unable to produce civilization as your hypothetical inferior race, right?

So how are you not also part of "the problem" Dale?

I doubt that you are an overachiever, Dale. (Et alee!)

I think that you (KKK) wish to attach yourself with a false logic to the achievements of others, without giving any reason for why you should be included. I think this is easier than achieving notable accomplishments yourself.
Therefore, you INDIVIDUALLY are completely guilty of doing what you accuse the entire black race of doing.

Are you smart enough to follow the logic?

America was built on the achievements of individuals operating within a free and capitalist system. If what you say is true, is it the fault of whites like yourself that it has become a collectivist system? It must be, since you advocate collectivism at the same time you advocate capitalism, unable to see the inherent contradiction! And even if you didn't advocate a collectivist system, which you do, you failed to be intelligent and able enough to prevent it! Since you view successes and failures in terms of race, that must be a clear failure on the part of the white race! (By your flawed logic, not mine. I blame my great grandfather, as an individual, for
not killing your southern ancestors before they passed the first "Jim Crow" antigun legislation after the Civil War.)

If you are less capable than the most capable white man, then, by logical extension, you yourself are a nigger, KKKDale Fox. You are a nigger in the dictionary definition #2 of the term from dictionary.com: 2. Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. a person of any race or origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc.

Said a different way: Just like the highest among black men are not made worse by the lowest failures among them, the lowest of white men are not made better by the successes among them.

Sorry. I know you want to feel special because you were born with certain physical characteristics (including a micropenis). But human kind only rewards physical beauty (and you cover your "beauty" with a pointy hat, so it must not be all that worth seeing). And western civilization only rewards thought when it is individualistic, not servile or conformist.

You and your website fail on all counts.

Here's the website you plaigairized for all of your good ideas, minus the incorrect conclusions that you came up with on your own. http://www.aynrand.org

I challenge you to refute any of Ayn Rand's allegations about racism, or the fact that this nation is a capitalist nation, and anything but a Christian nation.

You can't.

And it's not just because I refuse to expose myself to your nutball attack squads (since force is your only argument, and always has been). It's because your brain doesn't function as well as Walter Williams' brain does. It's because you can't create a Cosby show. It's because you can't create a single Charlie Parker tune. It's because you can't write or talk like Larry Elder. It's because you couldn't conceive of even 1 of the 14 patents held by Emmett Chappelle. It's because, in spite of your claim that "your race" (subnormal whites) taught blacks how to add, you couldn't come up with a single innovation of the many listed on this website:

Dale Fox, you should be more careful about the assertions that you make.
(Of course you're smart enough not to attach your face to your assertions, because you realize what a public laughing stock you'd be.)

Oh yes, I can understand why Dale was confused into thinking Paul was a supporter of his. And I can understand the simpleton who can't understand collectivism making a big deal out of Dale's support for Paul because he lacks the brains to embrace individual freedom, or figure it out himself.

What I can't understand is why a single libertarian would let any of this confuse them!

Let's be done with these subnormal morons! The KKK, and those who think the KKK is anything but totally irrelevant.

The biggest joy?

Watching the KKK (and Barack Obama) squirm when any young black man or woman can lawfully carry a gun anywhere they please!

I look forward to the day!

And by the way, I am white.

I am also a "race traitor".

I am also an intellectual.

I am also a capitalist and a gun owner.

I also strongly support Ron Paul.


Please, Americans, think for yourself!

Lee Russ, cut and paste propaganda and yellow journalism at it's worst.

I can't wait to see what you have to say about a brown president with a vaguely Arabic name bombing other brown people with Arabic names and continuing to lock up more blacks than whites in this country. Dr. Paul is the only candidate to take any kind of stance on the issues that harm minorities. The war, the war on drugs, the scapegoating of Mexicans, etc... Please try to focus on something other than pasting the words of other muck-rakers so that you don't have to take any responsibility for smearing Paul directly.

I suspect it is somewhat related to why as a gay man and somewhat liberal that I support the man. I can argue about gay issues and and gay rights from either a nice house or behind the the Pizza place in the dumpster hunting leftovers if the economy dies off.

I'm also Pagan wheras my brother is Christian and we both support Ron Paul because neither set of deities can do much for you when you are starving to death because the devalued dollars accumulated can be used to start fires at night.