Is it just me or are the Rethugs dropping acid now?

Saturday, February 02, 2008 at 08:43 AM

I'd swear, but then, it makes sense: The Rethugs are doing Windowpane or Purple Haze. Must be. Must be LSD-25 making their mouths say such unbelievable stuff as of late!

You just about need a controlled substance to even read about it...courtesy Raw Story:
Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh drew media attention to himself last week when he suggested he might not support McCain if he became the Republican nominee. Now Ann Coulter has upped the ante, telling Fox News host Sean Hannity that if John McCain is the Republican nominee, she's supporting Hillary Clinton.
I know, not sure if that's the infamous Twilight Zone theme playing in my head about now...

Coulter went on to enumerate the areas in which she finds Clinton preferable to McCain, saying, "He has led the fight against -- well, as you say, interrogations, I say torture -- at Guantanamo. She hasn't done that."

"He did support the war," objected Hannity.

"So did Hillary," Coulter shot back, dismissing Hannity's suggestion that Clinton has promised to begin withdrawing troops from Iraq. "When George Bush said at the State of the Union Address that the surge is working in Iraq, Obama sat on his hands, Kennedy sat on his hands -- Hillary leapt up and applauded."

"She lies less than John McCain," Coulter continued. "She's smarter than John McCain, so that when she's caught shamelessly lying, at least the Clintons know they've been caught lying. McCain is so stupid he doesn't even know when he's been caught."

"John McCain is not only bad for Republicans," concluded Coulter, "he is very, very bad for the country."

See what I mean? What are these idiots on this time? McCain ain't conservative enough? A man who said we'd be in Iraq until a youngish James T. Kirk heads for Starfleet??

Maybe it is me. I seem to recall McCain as another Chimpy clone, but less filling. Maybe less a moron. And, too, some time back, he chased the same religious jackasses that Chucklebee now owneth. More like "anything to get elected", methinks.

It's not just Coulter, Grannity and El Oxycondo: Certain associates of mine also could care less about a McCain win, which clear un-explains how SC landed him during the Rethugiklan primary weeks ago, mmmm?

Okay, I'm convinced: To be a Rethug, must one do a metric shitload of drugs.

Now do we see why these people need to be led away quietly? And to those charming kids with the white coats?


LSD25 alone aint enuff to cause the crazy we are currently seeing evinced by the BushCo pole shiners making their bat-shiat off the wall remarks. Once upon a time before embracing he guy who sunk him in SC with a push poll that turned his adopted daughter from India into a black love child (Team BushCo, of course) John McCain was viewed as a bit of a Maverick. He decried the over influence the hate fueled religious right was having on the party, held a tenuous pro-choice stance, and admitted dismay over the fact that the US had become a torture state. Watching people who have made careers by habitually lying about and smearing Dems while promoting Reps suddenly start making these pro Hillary anti McCain claims leads me to believe they are either strung out on a combination of LSD and Ketamine and Salvia and Mescaline and Jenkums or they are struggling to remain relevant in post BushCo world. Possibly a bit of both. Maybe they've all come to the conclusion that there is no left left on the left just as there are no traditional conservatives left on the right. At this point candidates on both sides of the aisles are more correctly labelled as being progressive/regressive or more corporately co-opted/less so. Alternate theory has Romney's deep pockets and even more desperate campaign trying to sink McCain by paying off Rush, Hannity and Coulter to do a hatchet job on his chances. At any rate watching the GOP devolve into it's 3 primary groups here ie The religious right, the corporately co-opted and the moronic my country right or wrongers is kinda fun.

We just need to redefine drugs. There's the external kind that you have to bring into your body, and there's the internal kind, manufactured by your own body.

With the internals (much cheaper, never a problem finding a pusher, no chance of narc squad raids being successful), the whole key is how you trigger their release. We've got the all time favorite, God, but we've also got littler release buttons like hatred, fear, and any of the stronger ideologies. Especially if those ideologies themselves run on hatred and fear.

Hatred, fear, ideology. Limbaugh, Coulter.

Eight miles high.......