Matt Drudge Flamed for Blowing Prince Harry's Cover

Friday, February 29, 2008 at 10:45 AM

Matt Drudge reported yesterday that Prince Harry was fighting in Afghanistan, news that was being kept secret by the British media to prevent him from being targeted by the Taliban.

I awoke this morning to a bunch of misdirected hate mail intended for Drudge, sent to me using the news tip box on the Drudge Retort.

If my inbox is any indication, Drudge must be getting hammered this morning for breaking the news:

You suck!

Reporting on his service is well within you rights.

It is also sleazeball shit.

The freedom to express any view does not give you the leeway to express any view. Grow up and learn what that 1st amendment means -- within a responsible society. I am very liberal, but I don't think that any asshole is a genius just because they fart.

Your reported expose of Prince Harry's military presence was reckless and should not have been done.

I can't believe you would release a story that puts the lives of soldiers in danger, and force Prince Harry to return from where he wants to be. Shame on you!

News flash ... your an asshole DRUDGE

You shameless useless drongo. Most other media had the selfrespect and maturity to stick to an agreement. But you pondlife you just couldn't.

I hope you go bankrupt and your pages of useless slime disappear. All you have done is put Prince Harry's life at risk. You selfish sewer rat.

I must convey my absolute disgust at your ineptitude (look it up)at printing the whereabouts and activities of Prince Harry. Not content with making a complete mess of your own country and that of every country that listens to your foreign policies, you have to start meddling in the affairs of Great Britain.

SHAME ON YOU for exposing Prince Harry and his very brave colleagues to even more danger. You're an ass. You better pray he gets home safely.

Subject: Hope to boycott Drudge Report Sponsors

Your advertisement appears at on the story which announces that Prince Harry is serving in Afghanistan.

The British royal family requested the press not report on this story to protect Harry and his comrade in arms from becoming targeted by the Taliban. Mr. Drudge's report puts them at risk.

I implore you to pull your advertisement from immediately. Anyone who financially supports such an irresponsible reporter is not worthy of my or ANY responsible person's business. Mr. Drudge should not put the lives of men at risk who are fighting and dying for his precious 1st Amendment rights to make money.

Please explain any action (or inaction) you take so I can share it with my fellow veterans, their families, their friends, and anyone else who will listen. Rest assured that I will do so.

[name removed], Lt. Colonel, USAF (Retired)

Subject: Matt, You Ass!


Giving the Taliban a free shot at Prince Harry borders on attepmted murder. You are an ass! My hope is that one day you are outed in a similarly dangerous manner.

I will never read your rag again.

Pissed in New Orleans

Subject: Lowlifes

Drudge are a bunch of lowlifes. What with friendly fire, who needs Americans as our allies. By reporting about Prince Harry they are sentencing him and his comrades. Give us the French anytime

Some people on the Retort think I'm enjoying Drudge's predicament, but I agree with his decision to report the story. He wasn't a party to the agreement by the British media to keep the service a secret, and by the time he reported Harry's service, Germany's Bild newspaper and an Australian magazine had also covered it. The prince was such an obvious terror target that he was withdrawn immediately after Drudge reported the news. Why should Drudge have believed it was still a secret, given the appearances in other media?


I say, great work Harry! It was bound to come to light at some point...

Now, check out these clowns.