What The....?

Monday, June 16, 2008 at 03:42 PM

Two stories come to my attention: One can't seem to go away soon enough, the other, well, they state what we've known for some time, and for an odd reason, these two seem to compliment the other...

...in that Twilight Zone kind of way, yes....

Okay, down to tacks. Unless you're riding teleport watch aboard the Enterprise, you've no doubt heard by now that NBC's Tim Russert died last Friday of cardiovascular disease. "Sudden death heart attack", the medico's tell us, is a phrase the media invented. Go read up on "myocardial infarction".

Wellsir, at first, this news hits me like "Is it April Fools again?". I kid you not. No, not that the COD was shocking. I've seen many head off that exact, same way. No, it was as if, to me, some of the blogs were doing some wishful thinking. After all, you read enough of them as I do, Mr. Russert was _not_ well liked.

But then, the MSM goes into this almost insane ritual: Suddenly, Mr. Russert is Elvis, Pope John Paul II, or there are ICBM's heading this way, everyone into the shelters. I was stunned stupid. CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, Fake, the whole MSM, and coverage, coverage and more coverage!

For, I ask? Okay, he was the head of the NBC Washington thingie. And? He hosted Meet The Press. And? Oh, he was involved...sorta..in Plamegate.


In the past, when one of the many journalists, anchors, camera persons, whatever pass away, usually, they get about 22 seconds, and at the end of the newscast....but an entire weekend???

And, all over the blogosphere, his passing has created two camps: The Pharisees and their sudden conversion to Sunday-Morning-Believers, and yes, the "gravepissers". The Pharisee crowd bamboozles me no end, we're talking about some pretty BIG blogs, that, in the past, made Mr. Russert out as a "talking head", "a corporate stooge", whatever. Suddenly, there are rich, warm, loving eulogies and flowers enough to shut down every florist!...and yet, didn't these folks, earlier, hate the man?

Some, yes, are most brave, and I find, brutally honest: Death doesn't seem to tame the sting of someone they see helped Bushwhack and Vader bullshit America into a stupid war. And these folk are referred to as "gravepissers" and other pretty epithets. Maybe some have a guilty conscience? Some don't? Is Bflat followed by B?

I can tolerate the infighting on the blogs, makes it fun reading, yes, but the MSM's wailing, whining and non-stop coverage...as there are other stories to cover, oh, yes...I find it one of those things where you sit back and wonder...what drug you on, dude?

Then, another story seems to dovetail into this mess: That more and more are turning off the tube, tossing the papers and using the internet as their source for...gasp...real news!

Need one wonder why, especially after a weekend of The Tim Russert Story, now playing on all 87 channels?

The endless madness concerning Mr. Russert's sudden demise just tells me that I've known for some time, folks: It's all about entertainment and nothing else. You want news? See us, DR, Raw Story, and the like. You want pompous great-looking folks to sit there and blather you to death with pure caca? Be my guest.

It has not been "news" for a long time now. I am not sure when the changeover came into toggle mode, but it did. Walter, Danny, the heavies left, and what's left, well, Eagle Don Henley summed it up perfectly years ago with his eloquent "Dirty Laundry"...and what's so bad, is that the audiences are finally realizing that Mr. Henley was not making this up.

Now, and yes, sad, more so for Mr. Russert's real friends and family, he, through his "shocking" death...became yet another basket to be tossed, tossed, tossed, aired, reaired, retossed and used as something for the talking heads to....talk about....over and over and over and over again.

In the meantime? Lessee, hmm: Iraq goes on, there's flooding in Iowa, the economy's still in the tanks, Ross Perot's got more charts again...

But did the MSM talk about this? No, too busy, canonizing one of their own, we see. And it was sickening. One has to wonder how Mr. Russert himself would've reacted to such silliness...or, as some have dared, would he have approved, being a member of the facade himself?

One has to wonder.