No, WaPo: Gramm is NOT right!

Saturday, July 12, 2008 at 10:44 AM

Ah, ever so the Washington Post, which was once a front for, y'know, real news? Not Rethug propaganda? Conserv spinorama?

I love stuff this stupid...

Apparently, WaPo's decided to go into Freeperville at long last:

Consider what happened this week. While speaking with the Washington Times, Gramm said that the country was not in a true recession but a "mental recession." He also said, "We have sort of become a nation of whiners" and "You just hear this constant whining, complaining about a loss of competitiveness, America in decline."

Gramm was right about the recession and stood by his recession comments on Thursday. A recession is two consecutive quarters in which the economy shrinks, and last quarter it grew. But no matter. Voters feel they are in a recession, and so they are, at least according to Campaign Econ.

God, this gets my goat. Gramm, and this reporter are playing hopscotch in a minefield: Any jackass can grab up "data" to support an idiotic notion, and Gramm's fat mouth about "whiners" is lower than low.

Campaign Econ is certainly understandable. Gas prices are ruining vacation plans and killing businesses. Many Americans have lost or are about to lose their homes to foreclosure or in distress sales. The federal government may not be talking about it much yet, but inflation plagues the country. The weak dollar is altering our everyday calculations. For many, this is not a happy summer.

And zero mention of The Hindenburg Omen, that foretells the Dow is soon to descend to 1927 levels, nor a hint about Fannie Mae about to Chapter 11, nor USAirways and Delta begging customers to needle DC about speculators, nor..

Gramm, of course, "recanted" and said he meant politicians were the whiners. Too late, Phil. Your goose is finished. Please depart for the life pods, one's close by, but then, the filthy rich can afford such Antoinette-ish commentary.

Meanwhile, WaPo says he's telling the truth. Honestly? The ones who whine the loudest lately seem to be Big Oil, Big Pharma and Big Finance. Meanwhile, We The People are seeing record job losses, homes lost, money evaporating....and we're whining now, is that it?

Do us all a favor, WaPo. Change your title to Weekly World News. That would then make sense.