Denver Protestors Nail Fox Noise....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 03:54 AM

...and I can't stop laughing at this!

Thanks, of course, to Raw Story for this gem. No, not exactly what we'd call a news item, but, well, considering?
Fox News anchor Griff Jenkins received a expletive-laced reply Sunday when he stuck his microphone into a crowd of protesters gathered for the Democratic National Committee in Denver.
I beg you watch the associated video, and see if you cannot giggle yourself silly as I did. Imagine that, Faux news with a piece that, for the very first time, is factual AND correct?

Faux anchors, of course, were pretty shocked at the crowd's chant: "F FOX NEWS! F FOX NEWS F FOX NEWS!"

Well, see, here's what really happened: Faux ran into We, The People. We who know the truth about what Faux is really all about, We who have had enough of certain organizations passing themselves off as "investigative journalism", which Faux never was to begin with.

A cute twist, yes, claiming this little incident is all about free speech. You watch the video, and you see free speech: The protestors speak their mind and most clearly. Yes. Faux news was told off, and a more lovely chant I could not beg for.

Faux, sad to say, was never about free speech, accuracy, but always more about being the propaganda arm of The White Slum. The protestors called the ball....accurately. Why deal with Faux? Why tell Faux a damned thing, only to have it twisted around and turned into more Swiftboating for the Repubinazi Party?

So lovely a moment, eh? For once, Faux got the middle finger, and it was live and in living color, courtesy of We, The People.

And I agree: Go away, Faux News. You're a bigger joke that you realize.


I finally found out what happened with Fox: there simply was a typo in the filings when they first went into operation. It was never intended to be Fox News, it was supposed to be Fax News.

And their "we report, you decide" slogan was hurriedly devised when someone realized there had been a typo in the name. The original slogan was geared to the real name:

"Fax News; we get it by party fax, you get it as news"

So, yeah, Fax Fox News. And Fix Fox News. Okay, Fux Fox News, too.