McCain: Master Of The Knuckleball?

Friday, August 29, 2008 at 07:18 PM

So, I'm picking at my lunch today, CNN comes on: McCain makes his pick at long last.

So, why did I get the strange impression I'm watching Braves Baseball???

The reaction to McSame's pick for VP choice? I looked around the lunchroom and the reactions varied. Just like the reactions we're currently reading all around the blogosphere:

McSame knows knuckleball. His shocking choice of Gov. Palin came across the plate like a Phil Niekro special.

But, like any knuckleball, the physics stop once the ball's released, and then, all hell breaks lose. A strike? A hit? A ball? What?

Some are crying foul, especially the PUMA campsters. "You think this'll work? That we'll leave Hillary for.....HER????"

"Is he out of his &#^$#&!@#$ MIND?", a co-worker gasped.

I just started laughing. "Say one thing, that idiot can deliver a knuckleball."

And it was. It's going to take us all a few to figure out what in the name of Sam Hello McSame was thinking with this...ahem...pitch.

I know, same as you, Palin's under investigation up in Alaska, seems she, like any typical Rethug, is into major league corruption, and I do not mean as in baseball. She's new (uh-huh), Rethug (of course), and she's female...was that the idea there, Johnny? Pick up the feminist vote, or do we hope?

If we use the baseball thing, we can then compare such to Obama's choice: A slider dead over the plate. Good release, the Dems nod, uh-huh, that's the way to do it.

So, next inning, here's McSame. And here comes a wobbly, off-spinning knuckleball. And it's still hovering over the plate, waiting for the MSM, Raw Story, Democratic Underground, the Retort and me and Lee and the Canadian Talking Tater to attempt to decipher this...............????

Me, I'd call that a foul. But, that's just me.

See, the problem with hurling knuckleballs? On some occasions, they go really nuts, and the batter grins....evilly. WHACK! And there it goes, up over the left field wall, never to be seen again. Meaning?

McSame's knuckleball may have just cost him not the inning, but the entire series.

And me? I'd prefer someone who is a little more constant on the stitching.

Mavericks are good for card games, but not as president. Loopy, insane choices like these make me very afraid of a McSame presidency, or, worse, a campaign that now smacks of total fucking desperation.

Oh, well, it's a long way to November....


I'm in the process of writing a piece on Palin, but won't be done until tomorrow or later.

It's a really interesting pick. I'm virtually positive that the major point, maybe the only point, was to get the far right ( including the more extreme Christians) so excited they're in danger of an orgasm. Kristol loves her. LimpPaw loves her. The home schoolers love her. The anti-abortionists love her. The NRA loves her. This is the pick for them. And the stories about her refusing to get an abortion and giving birth to a baby she knew would have Down Syndrome will melt a lot of hearts.

My early impression based on not much is that she really did fight the massive Alaskan Republican Party corruption. The investigation of her might be the sign of her own corruption and it might be nothing. The investigation's based on her firing of a state official. Was the official corrupt, as so many have turned out to be in that state? Or was Palin corruptly trying to help her sister get back at an ex-husband whom the official fired by Palin refused to fire? Unknown at this point, but it's safe to say the McCain vetting team feels pretty confident there's nothing to it.

She's a very extreme type, and certainly not to my liking. Nor is she likely to pick up any of Clinton's disgruntled crowd--if anything, they'll be more likely to vote Obama to keep her out of the White House.

Just think: one more stolen election and/or American voting public brain cramp and we'll have the oldest elected [resident in history, with a vice prez who really is a charter member of the extremely conservative right.

Hear that Democrats? Hear that independents? Hear that anyone elese who might want to live in a world a little less extreme?