'Let's Give the Lord a Hand for Our Governor' Palin

Wednesday, September 03, 2008 at 04:43 PM

Feel the need for a serious shiver of terror? Check out this video of Palin addressing a group of "graduates" of something at the Wasilla Assembly of God Church.

Her speech and the 2 or 3 minutes of the Pastor that follows it are the relevant parts--you can skip the Pastor's talk at the beginning. It's a video, so you can't cut & paste, but along the way, Palin says that:

1. The natural gas pipeline she favors is God's will.

2. Our men and women in the military are being sent out by our national leaders on a task that "is from God."

After her talk, the Pastor comes on to ask the audience to "Let's give the Lord a hand for our Governor." Then he claims that Alaska is one of the "refuge states" to which people will flock in the "last days."

That Alaska is some state: rich in resources, chosen by God to be a refuge....no wonder the Alaska Independence Party to which Palin and her husband used to (still?) belong wants not to be part of the US. Why share all that bounty with the heathens in the lower 48?

This really is a joke, right? During the last night of the GOP convention, McCain will take the stage and yell "Gotcha" and the Palins and McCains and other Elephantines will all laugh at rthe idea that anyone seriously thought Palin would run for Vice Preseident. Right?

If it isn't a joke, let's all pray that the last days are just around the corner. See you in the Alaskan Refuge (not to be mistaken for the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge, of course).


Read these two new articles from Alaskan newspapers and if you can accept human nature, it is pretty much a slam dumK that Salin is a LIAR and committed a huge HOAX on the Alaskan people and made a huge error in judgement by trying to do the same on the american public.

Secret's out: Palin pregnant (03/06/08)

Palin says she felt safe flying to Alaska to have baby


And while we're giving the Lord a hand, it looks like Wasilla should be giving the federal government a hand. It looks like "reform-minded, anti-earmark" Governor Palin has yet to be introduced to "pro-earmark, let's hire the lobbyists who know the corrupt guys" Governor Palin.

From the LA Times:
Palin Versus Palin

Three times in recent years, McCain's catalogs of "objectionable" spending have included earmarks for this small Alaska town, requested by its mayor at the time -- Sarah Palin.

Now, McCain, the likely Republican presidential nominee, has chosen Palin as his running mate, touting her as a reformer just like him.

records show that Palin -- first as mayor of Wasilla and recently as governor of Alaska -- was far from shy about pursuing tens of millions in earmarks for her town, her region and her state.

This year, Palin, who has been governor for nearly 22 months, defended earmarking as a vital part of the legislative system. "The federal budget, in its various manifestations, is incredibly important to us, and congressional earmarks are one aspect of this relationship," she wrote in a newspaper column.

Wasilla received $11.9 million in earmarks from 2000 to 2003. The results of this spending are very apparent today. (The town also benefited from $15 million in federal funds to promote regional rail transportation.)

Taylor Griffin, a McCain campaign spokesman, said that when Palin became mayor in 1996, "she faced a system that was broken. Small towns like Wasilla in Alaska depended on earmarks to take care of basic needs. . . . That was something that Gov. Palin was alarmed about and was one of the formative experiences that led her toward the reform-oriented stance that she has taken as her career has progressed."

Palin, he said, was "disgusted" that small towns like hers were dependent on earmarks.

Public records paint a different picture:

Wasilla had received few if any earmarks before Palin became mayor. She actively sought federal funds -- a campaign that began to pay off only after she hired a lobbyist with close ties to Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), who long controlled federal spending as chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee. He made funneling money to Alaska his hallmark.

Steven Silver was a former chief of staff for Stevens. After he was hired, Wasilla obtained funding for several projects in 2002, including an additional $600,000 in transportation funding.
This year she submitted to Congress a list of Alaska projects worth $197.8 million, including $2 million to research crab productivity in the Bering Sea and $7.4 million to improve runway lighting at eight Alaska airports. A spokesman said she cut the original list of 54 projects to 31.

"So while Sen. McCain was going after cutting earmarks in Washington," said Steve Ellis of Taxpayers for Common Sense, "Gov. Palin was going after getting earmarks."