The Sincerity of the Outrage is Impressive

Thursday, September 04, 2008 at 11:15 AM

Boy, you have to hand it to the GOP. Do they ever know outrage, or what? Outrage, I say, pure, unadulterated, unforgivable outrage!!!!!!!

How dare I/we/they disparage a fine woman like Sarah Palin? How dare I/we/they make such sexist attacks on this fine example of upstanding womanhood? How dare I/we/they bring up such private matters as unwed pregnancy in the household?

For a while there, I was wondering what the hell was wrong with me/us/them. Then I watched this video, from Jon Stewart and the Daily Show.

Why, you mean that the GOP recipients of the talking points have done exactly what they accuse me/us/them they of doing? They've ridiculed Clinton's claims of sexism? They have used the exact same experience factor as showing a candidate to be either laughably unqualified or impeccably qualified? They've taken parents of pregnant teenagers to task and the woodshed of ridicule?

Heavens, if I didn't know better, I'd swear there was something political going on here.

Of the numerous incredible hypocrites shown in the vid, which one gets the honor of soulless propagandist of the month? A tie?


Boo motherfucking hoo!

Hey, GOP? Want some goddamned cheese to go with that whine????

"It's not fair, you fucking libs.....!"

Time out. I seem to recall a maxim, posted somewhere many, many moons ago: "All is fair in love, war and politics."

So, we rode out Monicagate. So we rode out the Swiftboating of Kerry, and as of late, dealing with Freeper emails out the anus, with clever manufactured LIES about Sen. Obama.

Now, the punch line...all the stuff being said about VP candidate Gov. all TRUE. Nobody's had to make up one damned thing! Nada! We just do some background checking...oh, yeah, that thing you're supposed to do, right, John....and we discover all this dirt just waiting to be exposed. And this is unfair, is that it?

You want that other shoe now, GOP? Wazzamatta you assholes, fraid you'll LOSE this time?


Thanks, Lee, you summed it up nicely. Hmm. Cheddar, Jack or Velveeta? Let's head to eBay and see what's on special.....!

You guys are scared... You are getting your asses whipped by an "ignorant, religious, mom" who has a great appreciation for ALL
human life.

The thing that hurts you most is that she is smarter than you and all you can do is try to assassinate her in the media. That too has backfired. The messiah is clueless and you know it. That said you are easily outsmarted and I off your 2 time loss to George Bush as evidence.

Keep that up guys, please... it is definitely helping your cause.

koolaid drinking Chumps!

Scared? Of what??? You honestly think Rovian tactics work HERE?


Please, stop, I mean it, that is so damned funny.........!