Tales of the Forked Tongue: Palin is 'Sure Senator Obama ... Cares as Much for this Country as McCain Does'

Saturday, November 01, 2008 at 07:54 PM

On October 29, Eliabeth Vargas of ABC News asked Sarah Palin "Do you think Senator Obama is as patriotic, as American, as honorable as John McCain? " The answer, according to an excerpt of the interview, was "I am sure that Senator Obama, ... cares as much for this country as McCain does."

Hmmmm. This is the same woman who said, "Our opponent ... is someone who sees America, it seems, as being so imperfect, imperfect enough, that he's palling around with terrorists who would target their own country,"

This is the same woman who said,: "Some of [Obama's] comments that he has made about the war…I think, in my world, disqualifies someone from consideration as the next commander-in-chief."

This is the same woman who said that Obama's ideas are stale and "dangerous."

This is the same woman who necessarily implied that Obama was a coward by stating that McCain was "the only man [in the campaign] with courage."

So, if Palin can be taken at her word, Obama is sympathetic to terrorists who would target the US, should be disqualified from consideration as the next president, and lacks courage. But don't worry, he cares as much about America as McCain does.

Sort of reminds me of McCain accusing Obama of the very same things Palin does, then backing down when the woman in his rally said she was scared of what Obama would do. Once confronted with that woman's genuine though unreasonable fear, McCain called Obama a good family man, no one to be scared of, he's okay, stop being terrified.

It also reminds me of McCain's "have it both ways" approach linking Obama to Ayers and implying that there is something horrible about Obama's association with Ayers. Once McCain is directly questioned about whether Obama really had a "relationship" with Ayers, or whether there's any evidence that Obama actually supports Ayers's activities as a terrorist, McCain immediately slides one step toward reason and says he's not holding Obama accountable for Ayers's actions, oh no, he just thinks it's a legitimate question why Obama didn't "tell the truth" about his relationship with Ayers.

So what have we got here, besides a steaming pile of political fecal matter? Nothing. It's all part of the ever-growing steaming pile.

Palin couldn't possibly think that Obama sees America as so flawed that its institutions deserve to be bombed AND that Obama loves America as much as McCain does. Unless McCain also thinks America deserves to be bombed. Which it's safe to say he doesn't.

Palin couldn't possibly think that Obama's comments about Afghanistan really meant that Obama thinks that all our military is doing is bombing innocent people AND that Obama loves America as much as McCain.

McCain couldn't possibly think that Obama is as dangerous to the US as he says Obama is in the heat of his increasingly hysterical rallies AND think that Obama is a good family man whom ordinary Americans should not fear.

Neither McCain nor Palin couldn't possibly think that Obama follows Reverend Wright's views, including the infamous "God Damn America" AND think that Obama both loves America as much as McCain and that Obama is a good family man whom Americans have no reason to fear.

How pathetic do the journalists covering this election have to be to not really draw attention to these absurd contradictions? How deluded and fear-riddled do the McCain/Palin supporters have to be to not pick up on these contradictions themselves? And they don't. Visit a few right wing web sites and browse through the hyperbolic claims of imminent socialism/communism/fascism. Contemplate the litany of doom laid out as our unavoidable fate should Obama emerge as president on November 5.

Are there thinking people who really don't believe that all these scary stories that comprise the steaming pile are not made more believable to the hysterical audience by virtue of the multiple facts that Obama (a) is Black, (b) has a background in other countries, and (c) does not present the same "Captain America" facade of American purity and infallibility that the torch-wielding villagers demand of their leaders as the price of acceptance?

Here a pile, there a pile, everywhere a pile, pile. Old McCainald had a pile, ee-i-ee-i-oh. And so did an unknown number of millions of Americans