Mind Your Own Business Religious Fruits!!

Saturday, November 08, 2008 at 09:13 AM

And here I go again, back on my soapbox. What I am to say, I've said before, and I refuse to budge on my idea, as to date, I've never had anyone hand me better data...

Shoot if you will, but I've been dancing verbal bullets my entire life:

The single biggest source code for homophobia comes from one source: Religion.

By now, you're well aware of California's latest...attempt?...to deny our LGBT associates their rights to be wed...legally. Who said yes?

Some are quoting the exit polls, and I warn, I caution: The exit polls did not ask one specific question that should have been posed:

"Are you a raging psycho religious nut?"

Some are swift to point to the data that suggests that blacks, especially black females are the ones guilty. Include in that hispanics, too. The theme I'm hearing? "Did these idiots forget that others, too, require civil rights???"

Nopers. I'll put down hard cash money. Name the amount. I would prefer we do another poll, and after we find those who said "yes", we ask them but one question to satisfy my thesis:

"And what religion do you belong to?"

The Hispanic crowd? I'm betting many will offer "Roman Catholicism", which, long ago, used to be incredibly liberal...well, except on that explanation of what happened outside Lot's house. Blacks? Following me so far?

If we take the big three...Christianity, Judaism and Islam..we've got three culprits by the short and curlies, as all three swear that homosexuality is an offense before their deity, which of course, if one digs really hard, isn't mentioned by the big prophets, but does seem to occupy an outmoded and obsolete code that also includes not mixing fabrics.

And the so-called "Levitican Codec" is part and parcel of all three. There ya go.

Further proof? Which group of wackos put money into this effort? Hint: They dominate the entire state of Utah. They also post screeds on masturbation all over the internet, so we can gasp, and laugh ourselves stupid. They also believe that the plot of Battlestar Galactica is true, and you thought the Scientologists were smoking crack, did you?

It doesn't matter, now does it? Pick the religion, the odds are so safe that, yes, they despise homosexuality. Just hate it! Hate it! Baptist, Anglican, Wahhabi, Reform, Orthodox, Episcopal, Calvinist, Pentecostal, Freewill...shit, I'll be here a year typing. Yes, even the Hindu are against it. Well, not all, of course. And not all religious types are that way, so, to those, they are very humane, yes.

And we know for fact, that back when Ronnie held Ah-nald's post, the Morality Mafioso made their first grab at power, by intercoursing their way into the Republican Party.

And for some idiotic reason, these nuts feel an obligation to do something about things like abortion and homosexuality, very compelled, as if on orders from whatever, which really explains how they also go after murder, war, crime, insanity and hunger.

No, easier to go after the innocent, who just want to get hitched, settle down and pay taxes, like me, like you, like everyone else.

Why is it their business? I once had it out with a very racist relative years ago, who became inflamed at seeing a black man sporting a white wife.

"Unless they fuck with you, I'd suggest you mind your own goddamned business."

Nope, that can't work. The religious nuts are adamant about ringing my door (despite the sign that clearly says Forget the dog! Beware of OWNER!)...or delivering those cute booklets composed by a demented psycho, or blasting me stupid on radio, TV, which explains why I don't listen.

That's bad, but tampering with civil rights of others? I seem to recall that was what caused The Boston Tea Party, along with a few skirmishes, and eventually, founding a new nation whose motto used to be....You Mind Your Business, I'll Mind Mine, Thank You!

Now, as I read, an effort is underway to boycott the entire state of Utah. That will, yes, hurt the innocent. Some say, in this, no one's an innocent.

Legal challenges are coming, yes. Can the vote be overturned by the bench? Shit, South Carolina's notorious for it, ask anyone about those video poker machines. There's you a precedent.

But, I would hope many would think hard on this: I swear, and I continue to swear, homophobia was practically invented by religion, and now comes the time to tell religion....mind your own damned business and leave the rest of us....alone.


My bad. A friend over at DU sent me this link:


Pretty much backs me up, yes.

I look to God to guide my life. I do not shove that down anyone's throat. However, religion has nothing to do with protecting the sanctity of life and trying to stop the slow progression of evil acts. We must never condone nor accept nor become dissensitized. Sadly that is the case now with all our freedoms to do whatever we want. It is end times my friends. It is in the Bible. And I do not have to belong to a religion to see that.


So the bible says that it's ok if a man is to lay with another man?


It doesn't take a genius to see that when you're talking about sex organs the pieces won't match up. Why do you think that is? Um...lol.

Most of these things are very simple to figure out for yourself you don't need the expertise of a theologian. Most people don't even seem to be thinking clearly on the issue.

We are supposed to love everyone true... but not EVERYTHING!

Call me a religious fruit if you want...but only if I can call you a misguided missile full of incorrect data!