SC running out of unemployment money, and does Mark Sanford give a rip?

Saturday, December 20, 2008 at 05:18 PM

Ah, yes, our beloved idiot governor, Mark Sanford(Fascist) is against the idea of SC borrowing funds from somewhere else. In fact, he's against about any kind of help imaginable.

Makes one wonder: Will these lead to an impeachment, we hope, we hope?

Here's the problem: Sanford's your typical Raygunite; he's opposed to any kind of bailout. From AP:
At a time when other states are clamoring for cash, South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford is saying no thanks.

The newly minted head of the Republican Governors Association is carving out an identity as the anti-bailout governor, speaking against calls for more money from Washington for new state public works spending, lifesaving dollars for the auto industry and even stimulus checks.

And sealing his own political fate, making sure he goes out the door as unloved as possible. Gee, wonder why? A clue, yes: He's currently pondering getting DC to hand us a loan so that those without jobs can keep the lights on. From Greenville Online:
With about two weeks of funding left in South Carolina’s unemployment insurance trust fund, Gov. Mark Sanford’s office said it is not yet ready to seek another federal loan to supplement the fund.

"No decisions have been made," said Joel Sawyer, the governor’s spokesman, refusing to speculate on what the governor might tell unemployed workers in the state if no checks are available.

Without the governor signing off on the loan application, "I will not have benefits to pay" as of the first of year, said Roosevelt T. Halley, executive director of the state Employment Security Commission. "That’s the bottom line. If we don’t have the money, we can’t pay the benefits. But I have every reason to believe things will work out."

Unemployed manufacturing employee Janice Powell, 39, was dismayed at the news.

Without my check, I’m out on the street," said the Greenville resident who lost her job about a month ago. "It’s not much, but it keeps my kids fed and housed. He shouldn’t hold the money up. We need it."

Multiply this woman's concerns by a few more thousand. Currently, SC is experiencing the highest unemployment numbers in a long, long time.

What happens when the money runs out? No more checks, that's what. What then? Oh, probably a crime spree, some pretty ugly protests, all the sorts of things we really, really need, right?

The situation "is extremely unusual," said Andrew Stettner, deputy director of the National Employment Law Project, a national organization advocating for the employment rights of lower-wage workers. "It’s usually a pro forma procedure. Normally, the states look at the federal loan as a credit card they have with the federal government to pay benefits."

South Carolina is not alone in its depletion of its unemployment trust fund. At the end of September, five states, including South Carolina, were considered insolvent; eight were nearly insolvent and six were marginally solvent, according to the National Employment Law Project.

So, alone we ain't. Sanford's bitch? He wants the SC Employment Commission "evaluated", thinking...well, what IS he thinking?
Sawyer said the governor’s office has concerns about the state Employment Security Commission.

At a bare minimum, the commission would have to "agree to an independent audit and agree to better data sharing with the Department of Commerce," he said. Sawyer added that if the commission agreed to those things, the governor’s office still might not sign off on the loan request.

Halley said his office has been working with the Department of Commerce to come up with the data needed. He’s willing to provide the information, but his system does not capture the information wanted. The commission is trying to find ways to capture the information.

Halley said he's also willing to have an independent audit but thinks it would be a duplication of effort. The agency is audited annually by an auditor selected by the State Budget and Control Board, he said.

What info? What are we talking about here??? An audit, he says. A goddamned audit! And for what?

And yet, at risk, the lives and health of SC citizens, all, through no fault of their own, felt the iron boot of Raygunomics, yes. Jobs depart this state all the time. All the time.

It may well be a most unhappy holidays, so long as Gov. Sanford decides to play the Rtard card, wailing on about Big Gummint, giveaways, and all the while, making sure the next governor....will be a Democrat!


Using the word "fascist" destroys any argument you may have.

Call it like I see it.

Then you need glasses.

Facist - Libertarian - what's the difference? Sanford somehow correlates UE w/ the banking and auto industry "bailouts"
I don't see that. I see tens of thousands of people flooding the food stamp programs, welfare, food banks, charitable organizations, and a tremendous rise in the homeless and a hugh jump in home foreclousures.
He pushed "Zone II" hurricane thru the SC Wind and Hail down our throats so we could pay double our home owners insurance rates. Just to benefit the beachfront owners - the fund was at just a bit over 1 million - now it's close to 13 mil with less than 1 year of premiums.
We need to repeal that on Feb 9th and request the UE loan so that the middle class survive.
Unless that's his plan all along - force us out so big money can have our property.

Mark---I don't really have the respect at the moment to call you "Sir" or "Mr. Gov." so forgive the informality. First you realize how this donkey stubborness effects on down the line. Say you're a landlord and your tennant was laid off and he's 15 days past due on his rent. What do you do. Kick him out??? Your pockets are lined with cash. It's those that don't have a job that are struggling TRYING to find jobs, that don't even have the money for GAS to go LOOK for one and guess who's to blame? You. Sleep on that Mr Christian fine upstanding State mentor...I hope Jesus burns a hole in your mattress!

Time's up, folks. Just called the unemployment office today & had to stand in line at their office for 3 hours, sick as a dog & throwing up (I'm 4 months pregnant), only to hear that I get no check this week because there is no more money.

I hope this governor realizes later in life he's going to be a dependent old, old south carolinian in the state he's helping to mold and create, and then like it or not, he'll be dependent as anyone, I feel sorry for him and all native south carolinians of his kind, what a pathetic place their molding for themselves and their kids. The third world is more progressive.

To the SC Governor's Office:

I am suffering from 8 months of unemployment and I have applied or contacted over 300 potential employers. I am (was) a true Republican but Sanford has done nothing for our State's economy, our families or our financial well being. I am totally disgusted and ready call for his resignation. I am going to have to incur an additional $100 late fee on my rent this month due to the delay of unemployment checks this week. This means I have no money for food, gas or essentials for the rest of the month. What does he want us to do from here??? Move to Welfare? He was playing a political, foot-stomping game at the expense of others. No wonder he is listed as one of the worst Governors in the US. And, to think I help elect him.........

I spent hours in the Greenville Unemployment office on New Years Eve with hundreds of others for audit reviews. What a great beginning for a New Year! Tears were in many eyes. The week after Christmas and funds were available if Sanford would have got off his high-horse and signed the request. However, he can enjoy his Oceanfront property, enjoy health benefits and raise his children without the fear that they have to bear the burdens that he is putting us all in. But maybe, just maybe, one day he will have to feel the pain that we, the people of SC, are experiencing in this global economy. I never, ever, thought I would find myself in this situation, but here I am! I have reduced myself from an Executive position to "what-ever", just to feed myself and my one cat.....what about the people who are trying to feed a family of four? This is not fair to our children of South Carolina!

Wasn't he supposed to be our "Education Governor"? How can our children go to school with the worries of their families following them???

Employment rate is predicted to rise in 2009 and I am seriously considering moving from SC. If other people take this approach, then SC will loose tax money from taxpayers. We have a horrible School system, reduced healthcare for disabled individuals and elderly, a very high unemployment rate, a lack of economic growth, rising foreclosures and a "figure-head" Governor.

Yes, this is a beautiful State and I love the climate and Southern culture here, however, this is not the leadership I expected from Sanford. Thank goodness that McCain didn't choose him as a running mate. Not that that matters now, but in hide sight, I am almost ashamed for voting for McCain as well.

I was born, raised and remain in Greenville, SC, because I love the area, but if something does not change, I am heading elsewhere (at 45 years old). Good luck to those who stay behind, or help get Sanford out of office!

Please Do Not defer off the subject.
Main subject is unemployment.

I have employees that have been laid off on Thanksgiving and have yet to receive unemployment check and are facing ,,eviction and lost all utilities because the state is fighting among itself.

It is bad when our own state is fighting among itself on audit issues,, while in reality the long term laid off workers are hurting and deprived of their federal rights on unemployment compensation . These are hard working individuals that have worked 8 , 10 , 15 , 20 years of their life, only to be let down by the very agency that should have helped in time of need.

There are real , hard working people hurting because of this --- It is a true shame of our government in South Carolina.

Below is a true lawful comment.

(Federal unemployment compensation)
Federal unemployment law requires states to pay unemployment compensation,,, this is a requirement not a decision made by the states governor. I repeat--- this is a federal requirement--not a state decision.

If Sanford would have halted unemployment compensation it would have been a illegal act ,,that would have cause the state to pay 4 to 5 times the amount it barrowed to cover the expense. Not sure how to put it more plainly than that.

The Media should have made the public aware and educated in the federal law.

Sorry to put it so bluntly. But unemployment compensation is a matter of federal law -- NOT STATE!!!!!!

Unemployed will not be punished ,,is a understatement. and should not be taken as a gift from Sanford,

It's not a states decision - period!!!!!!!

"Unemployment Insurance is an entitlement program and under federal law these benefits must be paid,"
Quoted straight from the law in understand

Oh please you guys are killing me. I am surrounded by people, family and friends that are on unemployment. But you want to know the thing about it: they don't want a job. They want to draw free money until their time limit is up. The max unemployment will pay is 326.00 (if you don't pay taxes) and you can get a job making about that. I see signs everyday for hiring. But I guess those jobs are beneath you, right? We as South Carolinians are just plain LAZY!!! My husband had no problem finding a job after he left his employer of 10 years and he even makes more money. Even if he lost his job he would do anything, work 2 full time jobs to support our family if need be. You people just need to eat a piece of humble pie and get a job. Saying that you'll be evicted or power gets turned off because you won't recieve a check next week isn't making me pity you. Get off your LAZY butt. Unemployment requires you apply to at least 1 employer each week, and I bet that's all you people do. If you wanted to find a job you would do more than they require. You guys are just as bad as the people on welfare system and riding it as far as they can. But to leave on a different note, best ofluck to all of you, but remember only you can change it.

You know our grandfathers and great-grandfathers would be so ashamed of us. Don't try to push the blame onto the "politicians". It's you guys who are lazy. We have lost the pride and hard working attitude our forefathers tried to instill in us. Not a day went by they sat on their rear ends. I've been on hard times too, I have a family of 5 to feed and clothe. When we needed extra help for baby formula for our twins we couldn't get it because the system is abused. Same goes for unemployment. There are so many "youngsters" that barely had a job (if you could call it that) that take advantage of the system. If we put in place requirements (REAL REQUIREMENTS) the system would benefit and probably so would our econony. For instance, drug test would-be filers, I bet that would cut out alot of the 77,000 people depending on unemployment.

I guess the above two post are from someone that is totally out of sink with what is happening today. It appears your family and friends need to be the one's audited. Most people I know would much prefer to have their old job back.

I just watched 40 of my co-workers loose their job; most have been loyal for 30 years or more to the company.

Please get a grip on reality, maybe it will take 30 days for reality to sink in ,, please see the results for January's unemployment fillings when they are available in February - Always Late news for those that are hurting.

Concerned and caring about those that have given their life to a company.

NO, those two above are most likely the kind of EMPLOYER who resent having to pay unemployment insurance and if given the option, would NOT pay UE, Worker's Comp (another thing Sanford wanted changed to a voluntary basis!), OR even the minimum wage. In this "Right to Fire" (It's not right to WORK, you're an underpaid SERF here in South Carolina at the whimsy of your BOSS), it's difficult to make ANY plans because the the company you work for is being ENCOURAGED to fire you for any damn made up reason (even in good times), as a cost-saving measure while they build their seatshops in Mexico and Central/South America.

I used to like Mark Sanford but is HE who is lazy. Instead of Libertarian, I call him a LAXEE Tarian. Look back in retrospect. The only thing he can actually take credit for is shaking up the DMV to quit being so nasty and incompetent via threatening to privatize them. After that first few weeks in office, what REALLY has he done.

1)He shows up with two piglets, who crap all over him and the statehouse carpet to "symbolixe" pork barrel spending

2)Next year, he shows up with a rented HORSE and BUGGY to "symbolize" South Carolina "horse and buggy" governemnet. What changes?..NOTHING.

3)One year, he just vetoes the whole BUDGET, incluiding money for the highway patrol. This tactic forces the SC House and Senate to OVERIRDE every stinkin' vetoe?. Where's that Line Item power their Sanford?. You didn't even LOOK at the budget. Again, another sign of a LaziTarian..

All thru South Carolina's sruggle for worker's rights, anyone who felt South Carolinian's should be treated and PAID like any other US Citizen in every other state, was blackballed, threatened, and sat upon by the EMPLOYERS who have he best politicians money can buy. AND in Sangord's particular case, he has NEVER turned down a free ride on the Advance America (Cash Advance) coorporate plane. Blood suckers Sanford OFCOURSE sees nothing wrong with encouraging South Carolinians to use INSTEAD of clampiong down on the BIG BANKS to start lending the dough (along with cutting their fees!).

Mark Sanford has never SERIOUSLY challenged , USC, Clemson, College of Chas, etc. on their budgets. They build new Taj Mahals for well healed but pretty undisciplined out-of-state students to live in, taking all of the Education Lotto money that should be funding local school districts/offering tax payer relief...Even Sanford's beloved Furman, a "private" school, gets a large chunk of funding from the Lotto. With a 30 k per year tuitiion, you wonder how much of it "MARK" goes to landscaping the lush campus. AND what do we get out of it?. The ones who attend higher education leave the state OR were foreign nationals (alot of Red Chinese in USC's case) bound to return o their homeland with the taxpayer supplied tools to "beat our brain's out" economically on the Word's markets.

NO, it's all us "lazy unemployed" that are the problem. Oh yea, one more little caveat.< Sanford I believe knows exactly what he's doing by hoping unemployment gets cut. Why?. Because when you run-out of unempployment money, you drop from the list of the unemployed?. You're no longe counted. Now that extensizions have already been filed and used, the totoal number of TRUELY under and UN employed worker numbers, SKYROCKETS!. There are some counties in South Car'lina that if the numbers of UE were actually correctly counted, UE would be over 30 PER CENT already. Fastly approaching 50 per cent out of work.

Not too good for commerce is it lazitarian Mark?.

South Carolina..Lowest in the nation in the GOOD THINGS. Highest in the Nation in BAAAAD things..Yea, better forget that Prez Campaign Mark. You've not done your work in South Cackilaki first son

>>>Facist - Libertarian - what's the difference?

Well actually they are complete opposites, but if you somehow manage to believe they are the same then there's really no point arguing.

Do you know why Sanford won't take the money? South Carolina can not afford to maintain the required increased benefits after the stimulus money runs out.