Stalemate or check? The Sandord saga, Part Two...

Saturday, January 03, 2009 at 07:56 AM

Well, well and well. As a follow-up to my little nasty about our beloved gubnor Mark Sanford, I now present the following follow-up on our contiuing saga that we might well entitle...As The Republicans Burn...

It's sad as well as funny, yes...

So, where were we? Ah, last we heard, the poor 77,000 unemployed of South Carolina were facing a cutoff of UE funds, as the mean governor, Sanford, held their checks...hostage...due to his politics, which, of course, are Republican, and that starts with "R" and rhymes with "horror", of course.

But, as the last millisecond, Sanford was backed down. It's not the first time our wonderful state legislators have told Wonder Boy to go have sex with a 480-three-phase outlet. Probably won't be the last, of course.

From an editorial from the Myrtle Beach Sun News online edition, it ain't just me who don't care for his....ahem...putting politics ahead of human life:

Unemployment benefits are a vital social safety net, and checks will continue to help tens of thousands of S.C. families now that Gov. Mark Sanford agreed to request a $146 million federal loan.

On New Year's Eve, 77,000 residents of South Carolina were wondering whether they would have their next unemployment benefits check. Would they have money to buy groceries, pay the rent and utilities and other items of everyday living?

At a news conference in Columbia, Sanford announced he agreed to request the federal loan "because he got his way" when several legislators agreed to request an audit of the Employment Security Commission. The Associated Press also reported that Sanford found a provision he says "allows him to force the commission to turn over more information about how it calculates unemployment rates."

Rather than crowing about having his way, the governor should have asked forgiveness for scaring people into thinking he might be so abstractedly cruel as to allow the state's unemployment benefits fund to run dry.

I totally disagree with that one word...abstractedly. I'm convinced Rethugs do these things by specific design. Ain't no abstract to acting like a four-year brat, now is there?

"Six! Are you comparing Sanford to...gasp...BUSH??"

Hole in one, dear reader. We continue:

At a news conference announcing resolution of the stalemate he initiated, Sanford said: "We will not punish the unemployed for this agency's incompetence."
No, we will punish them for not voting Republican, is that is, gubner? Not toting the official party line of...(snorting noise goes here)...fiscal responsibility???

Most folks, we venture to imagine, would think unemployed families have been punished already by Sanford's scare tactics to have his way. Would the governor actually have let unemployment checks stop? We would like to think he would not have gone so far.

Commission chief Ted Halley told the AP he was concerned for the safety of his staff. "You take away the last lifeline ... this is the only thing between them and starvation, between them and being put outdoors, and it just scares me as to what they would resort to."

Somebody been reading the Sixter's mindwaves again, seems like. I have a nice lady friend who works for the SCESC, and she was telling me the job outlook was somewhere between zero and sub-zero.

In locking horns with the commission, Sanford gives the impression that his vision for state governance is more important to him than the needs of his constituents. Perhaps he does not care how insensitive this makes him look.

He doesn't have to. He's a Rethuglican. They are above everyone, y'dig?
An audit of the commission is not necessarily a bad idea. However, for the governor to insist on his demands at the risk of unemployment checks goes over the line.
Duhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Sanford gets an A+ in being cold hearted. And an F- in being an effective governor, which so far, he ain't.
Sanford again has wasted political capital with his my-way-or-the-highway attitude.
Again, I take exception. I personally think he showed his true colors the time he showed up at the State House with two little pigs, one under each arm, to "illustrate" his disdain for "budget pork".

It backfired: They overrode his veto. How about that for capital?

Halley maintained his staff worked in good faith with the governor's office to provide the requested information. Halley earlier this week agreed to an state audit - the commission is audited annually by an independent firm - if legislators requested it.

Sanford undoubtedly has never worried about having enough money to buy milk and bread for his family. Shame on him for using those who have that concern as political pawns.

Rove would be tickled pink, you mean.

So, what happened here? Methinks our gubnor was threatened by a few in the state Senate and House, that's what...and yes, SC does have an impeachment contract possible...should some smartalecky gubner decide...he's above the will Of The People.

Dastardly. Cowardly. I can sit here and cough up terms all day long for what I think of this....person.

Politics above the will of the populace. Starts with an "F". One commentator doesn't like me using that word.

But, it fits. Sanford dodged a big one this time. Will he dodge the next one?

We'll see.


Main subject is unemployment.

I have employees that have been laid off on Thanksgiving and have yet to receive unemployment check and are facing ,,eviction and lost all utilities because the state is fighting among itself.

It is bad when our own state is fighting among itself on audit issues,, while in reality the long term laid off workers are hurting and deprived of their federal rights on unemployment compensation . These are hard working individuals that have worked 8 , 10 , 15 , 20 years of their life, only to be let down by the very agency that should have helped in time of need.

There are real , hard working people hurting because of this --- It is a true shame of our government in South Carolina.

Below is a true lawful comment.

(Federal unemployment compensation)
Federal unemployment law requires states to pay unemployment compensation,,, this is a requirement not a decision made by the states governor. I repeat--- this is a federal requirement--not a state decision.

If Sanford would have halted unemployment compensation it would have been a illegal act ,,that would have cause the state to pay 4 to 5 times the amount it barrowed to cover the expense. Not sure how to put it more plainly than that.

The Media should have made the public aware and educated in the federal law.

Sorry to put it so bluntly. But unemployment compensation is a matter of federal law -- NOT STATE!!!!!!

Unemployed will not be punished ,,is a understatement. and should not be taken as a gift from Sanford,

It's not a states decision - period!!!!!!!

"Unemployment Insurance is an entitlement program and under federal law these benefits must be paid,"
Quoted straight from the law in understandable language.

Oh , Forgot to say Thanks to Number Six.

You got it going on here.

I hate it if others dislike using the "f" word ..

But dam it ,I care about people that have worked for me and have worked hard most all their life only to fall victims to economic hard times. This pisses the "F" out of me.

South Carolina goverment and the gubnor should be ashamed!!!!!!!!

Hard working people are suffering because of this.

I may be next in-line at the UE line.I will Guarantee if I don't get my check , the UE office and the state house will here my "F" word.

Looks like greed is not working so well. It didn t work in the beginning of the Rail Roads, and there is precedent when Government had to step in.