Eyes Wide Shut

Friday, October 28, 2005 at 06:45 PM

Unless you just spent the last 24 hours at warp around the Orion Nebula, you already know what took place today, so, we won't rehash it.

I work, live and have to deal with neocons every day. Of course, I do my damnedest to avoid most of them like a rocker avoids Lawrence Welk.

But, I do have friends, and thankfully, the ones who aren't liberals are, yes, somewhat conservative. But, you'd like them for the same reasons I do: Their breed is nearly extinct...the legendary....Ike Republicans.

"Six, you okay?"
I shake my head. "Far from it."

I mention my last log entry, Countdown To Trinity, where I just knew that the results of the Plamegate affair were soon to be released, and like a warhead, when the fucker went off, well, it would be anyone's guess as to the blast yield.

"The news media is awakened.", I sigh painfully. "And with Yamamoto's grade of resolve. You saw the tube. Lead story. Boom. Megatons worth. Fucking amazing, dude, fucking amazing."

"Shit, you should be pleased, you're always bitching about how the news media lies all the time.", I am told.

I shake my head. "The sheep were wide asleep."

Yes. Earlier, a neocon associate almost ripped my head off: "Six! What's this horseshit all about?"
"Identify, please?"

This person did not know. This person did not see this shit coming. My eyes widened so hard.

"You didn't know?", I gasp.

I explain this to my friend. "Not a fucking sausage, as our Brit friends often say, dude. Apparently, Fox and Limeass didn't prompt this person and others properly."

I look off: "It's just the same as it was years ago, when the Watergate shit hit the tail rotor, and out of the blue, so many were saying the same thing, 'I didn't know'."

We, of the blogs, we of the internet have kept ourselves so well-informed and tuned in. Two long years or more, we knew it was coming, we ate, slept and drank Plamegate. We knew.

And years ago, the "press blackout" was pretty darned close. The local ragsheet and affiliates spun bothersome noises, until that one morn we all saw John Dean on all three networks, confessing his sins to Congress. Oh, we hippies and others knew; we had our own little network going back then, so, we weren't that amazed.

But...the sheep were wide asleep then; they doze even now.

Well, almost. To them, and using my Trinity analogy? They saw a flash rise, and it has them sore amazed, stunned, gasping.

And Six? Shaking my head with such wonder.

"Is it a drug or something you drink?", I inquire. "Do people deliberately walk around all day long, not knowing?"

My friend's older. He shakes his head. "They don't want to know."

I nod. "Until it's too late."

I recall the words of Captain John Sheridan of the fictional Babylon 5: "Lack of information can kill you."

No shit. Imagine attempting an instrument landing without the charts, a weather briefing, and some nice ATC person to aim you towards the glideslope.

But, I do some math: Are you telling me that thousands, perhaps more....didn't own a motherfucking clue about this shit? That this came out of the blue? They they truly did not know anything about Plamegate?

Worse, and this scares me: What else do they not know?

Back in the day, I recall now how I had to actually sit some down, photocopies of articles in my hand, explaining the details of how a simple burglary evolved into Nixon's resignation. Later on, the book and movie did me better, explaining names, dates, times, the works.

And they were clueless then. And they are clueless now.

And it kills me. Jefferson said that the price of peace was eternal vigilence. I wonder, what is the price of eternal blindness? It's a time travel deal, here we go again, so many blindly supported Richard Motherfucking Nixon, and yet....

No, don't put me down as gloating. I am far from happy. I am, in fact, pretty damned depressed right now: I hid in the rocks and waited, but I had no clue that out past those rocks were those who did not see this shit coming.

And I think I feel so sorry for them.

And, it's just beginning: Fitz has another jury ready to roll, Rove is still sweating slugs, and like Watergate, this may go on and on and on. Hopefully, this will lift the curtain, the lies that led to 2,000 dead kids will be told at long last.

And who knows what's ahead? Even what truth came from Watergate shocked me, stunned me, and at times, sickened me. We may well see far more this time, and again, my stomach will churn as the cancer called The Bush Regime will be excised from our systems.

But for the sheep around us? Those just now coming to the realization that we libs may well have been better informed all along? That, by sticking their noses into Fox, and by listening to Slimeball and Hannibal...may have been stoned one day too long?

As I said before and elsewhere: Often, reality is like a bucket of cold urine dumped on someone at 0300. How they react when the come to is anyone's guess. Some of us expect it, we sleep lightly for that reason.

The rest? Coma.

And they do this while wide awake.

Pardon me for not ending this piece all too well, at this point, the composer needs a pretty stiff drink. Join me?