What Would Have Been My First Diary

Tuesday, July 19, 2005 at 12:53 AM

It would have been a great one. My diary. But I was discouraged from posting it.

I had a great diary in mind but I was discouraged from posting it for the following reasons:

  • Once again, it was a blatant political attack.
  • It was a false story based on a false premise.
  • The false premise was an allegation that hasn't been proven yet.
  • Senate committees that are nominally bipartisan are the final arbiters of truth.
  • Critics that support an administration's opponent can never be trusted.
  • Administration officials are allowed to break laws in order to combat potential inaccuracies from appearing in the press.
  • One vague line, taken out of context, qualifies as actual documentation.
  • It's perfectly legit for Secretaries of State to enforce and regulate election laws even if they also act as State Chairmen for a political party, but whistleblowers or Administration critics should not be allowed to support the candidate of their choice because that looks bad.

Thanks to The Raw Story for posting the "Wilson/Rove Research & Talking Points" paid for by the Republican National Committee which helped me compose this diary, and stopped me from posting the other diary which may have tarnished my credibility.