Interesting Times, Indeed

Thursday, November 10, 2005 at 05:14 PM

I think someone hurled the old Mandarin curse at me long ago, and darn gosh, these are some interesting times as of late...

Some off-season elections have produced some interesting, if not amazing results, as it now appears that the Republicrud mud-slinging and character attack kind of PR just stopped working, aren't we tickled pink! Even Il Douchebag's campaigning didn't work. Will wonders ever cease? Could it be that someone's waking up at long last?

Mucho kudos, of course, to the citizens of California. Seems they told Ah-nald not to bother them anymore, as one pundit put it: The real "action heroes" are those whose livlihoods are under attack by neoconistic policies. Seems they fought back. I am so proud. 0-4.

And in PA, the old guard creationists were shown the door in a sweep. Science wins again. Cool!

Oh, and poor old Judy Miller and the NYT have finally parted company. Good riddance, I think, better to reprint stuff from Raw Story than suffer the slings and arrows of a pre$$titute, eh?

This entire week is enough to restore my faith in my fellow man. Okay, almost, we've still got another 9,500 feet of runway to go as of yet. We still got to get Mixter into office, and her campaign based on election reform tickles my fancy no end. Go, Mix, Go! Go! GO!

The capper? The GOP is sniffing about at it like a dog smelling poop. "Just a fluke", they said.

Some fluke, some of the wins are embarrassing beyond words. Hey, Repubs! Take a hint! Lose the Jaysus Borg! Cut the aristocrats off at the pass and change your tune or.....else!

Or else? Guess.

On to 2006, crew. To warp and to taking it back!