What IS my religious preference?

Tuesday, July 19, 2005 at 01:04 AM

Why is this crap even needed? My guess was that in case my biomechanisms shut off while I'm getting poked in the lumbar sac, they can contact the correct priest, of course.

So, I'm sitting with this nice lady doing your basic pre-admission interview, eh? Yeah, yet another step in getting my back fixed, so, as we progress along, the question pops up:

"What is my religious preference?"
I actually had to stop cold and think on that one. Honestly, I hadn't had to think about it at all. And...

"Hindu.", I nod.
"Hindu?", she replied, looking most puzzled.
"It works."
"Hey, it's in here, too.", she grinned, typing away.

Hindu. Well, that's the short version. The real answer would drive a pollster batty: Gnostic-Hindu-Vulcan mystic-Platonic-scientific pragmatism. Try finding that church in the Yellow Pages, eh?

No, I don't think the U-U crowd's ready for me.

I could pen my memoirs on this entire topic, I may do that eventually. Eventually.

We'll see.