Bill O'Really's *hit List!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005 at 04:20 PM

Guess what, WTW fans! Here's your chance to be so annoying to dear old falafel it's not even remotely funny!

You know the drill, eh? Old moto-mouth sez he's got it bad for some of the...ahem...lefty blogs "out there", and said (or so we were led to believe) that he was going to name them, hence, something akin to an "enemies list".

So far, O'Really's ain't done poopoo. As always, more wind than anything else.

Well, our dear friend, Arianna over at Huffington Post has gone a notch further, and has opened the door for those of us who really, really, REALLY want to be on that list!

Here's how:

Follow, click, add your name. Send to friends. In time, Arianna will hand this list over to old blubbermouth. Won't that just make his day?

And guess what! You'll go down as one of Bill's enemies! Yippee! I love it!

And just maybe, his royal assholiness will get the joke: We bloggers be a mean sort.