The Truth Is Out There....

Wednesday, November 23, 2005 at 04:49 PM

Sniffling, coughing, the first signs of the flu big eating at me, along with a mild fever, I was on the way into work and was listing to NPR's Morning Edition, and yes, I almost wrecked the truck!

Extremely interesting piece, which you can read for yourself:

Unbelievable, considering NPR, in recent times, sounds a little too much to the right for my tastes, and this was a refreshing piece to say the least.

To recap? "Curveball", the weak intel leading up to invading Iraq, and what is the real truth of this mess?

Recently, Prez Tipsy and VP Halliburton both went on the pitbull pills, so to speak, you know, nailing us "gutless cowards" for daring to speak out about their precious holy war, mmm, pray tell?

Sorry, Charlie, according to a well-done report by NPR, it ain't so, and again, to the tagline of WTW: Propaganda bites the big one.

Weak intel? That's about like saying my old man is a tad to the right. (We didn't speak for a month over my voting Kerry-Edwards). Lots of little clips of Il Douchebag foaming, neat stuff of VP Oil Industry and his useless meanderings, and the kicker: These pretty reports on how sloppy, shoddy and made-up most of the stuff was from the beginning.

Finally, oh, yes, finally, the MSM is getting the hint at long last, Shlub LIED. Got it? LIED.

Made this sick old redneck feel a tad better!