Sort Of Helping Out Our Dear Old WTW....

Sunday, December 04, 2005 at 04:53 PM

With the departure of A~ as the official administrator of Watching The Watchers, the task of admin work has been taken on by Lee Russ, and to an extent, yep, old #6 has some creative stuff to now add...

To that, think of me as sort of a "reporter" (don't laugh just yet!), with Lee as senior editor. We've already had a discussion or three as to the future of WTW, and we're both optimistic that we can make WTW bigger, bolder and well, more user friendly.

To such, please, help yourself. If you'd like to comment, gripe, complain, or hurl stuff, please register as a user. We'd also both like to see others slide aboard, add submissions. If your piece looks good, Lee or I will tag it and slide it into the main portion for viewing. Hey, you might be the next Hunter S Thompson! Join in and have some fun!

I'm also going to royally pester some to come aboard and post comments, possibly some pieces as well, one dear friend of mine always sends me some neat stuff, I will post it accordingly.

Please be patient with myself and with Lee: We're both figuring out what the RED button is for, that sort of thing, but we do promise to do what we can to make WTW the kind of place that fellow progressives love to haunt, and again, your help with comments, suggestions, abuse, or silliness is most welcome.

Too, remember our "tag": Kills propaganda dead. That's our vision expose what passes for news as what it really is...fairy tales. Keep that in mind. Okay, don't. Whatever. See if I care!

So, start an account. Add comments. Write something. Make a joke. Help us out. Get involved!

M'kay? Excellent. Let's do it!