E Cigarettes Deliver Nicotine Without Tobacco

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 at 11:11 AM

As a former smoker who still has to beat down the cravings any time a waft of smoke passes my way, I was interested in a new product called e cigarette.

Apparently it's a device that looks like a traditional cigarette but uses no tobacco. Instead it's an electronic device that is filled with liquid. The liquid is offered in a variety of flavors including the familiar tobacco and menthol but also branches out into tastes such as apple vanilla and chocolate.

Prices vary but e cigarette starter kits have a starting cost of about $70. It was unclear to me how that adds up in the long run so I couldn't really tell how much it costs to smoke a traditional cigarette compared to the cost of using an e cigarette.

Another aspect is how this new product compares to traditional cigarettes health wise. The company web site says it has eliminated over 3,900 chemicals compared to e-cigarettes having 10 to 20 chemicals on average.

The body of an e cigarette contains an atomizer which helps create a vapor similar to smoke. The web site says this vapor allows the experience of traditional smoking and when inhaled it gives the user nicotine without the side effects of smoking tobacco.

What is attractive is an e cigarette promises that it no longer makes your clothes, home, car and hair smell like tobacco.