Finding Clothes for Big Husband a Tall Order

Thursday, August 20, 2009 at 09:12 AM

As the mother of three boys, shopping for school clothes is always a drag for me. The only reason they would voluntarily enter a store is if they had a very extensive video game collection for sale. My husband is much the same way except he's more lured by sport paraphernalia than video games. Adding to the difficulty is my husband is a large man who stands 6-foot-3.

Picture of pants by Nick Gray licensed under Creative CommonsShopping for big and tall clothing is definitely more of a task. So I've found myself doing more of the shopping for his clothes online. I've learned that for fewer returns, it is best settle on a single shop so you are less likely to deal with size differences. You know, when an XL at one store is really more comparable an L at another.

It seems like big and tall clothes have even more of those issues than smaller sizes. As summer comes to an end, I've been shopping for some winter clothes.

The other day I simply fired up the computer and had my husband look at big and tall jackets. It's so much easier than dragging him to a store.